What did high-school students think of the Maclean's debate?

What did high-school students think of the Maclean’s debate?

We talk a lot about youth engagement. So CIVIX put it to high-school students directly: What did you think of each leader’s performance at #macdebate?



Every election season—and often in between—we tend to fret and buzz about the “youth vote.” Could youth disillusionment diminish our democracy? Should we lower the age for voting? Are they smart enough to make such an important decision? If only they weren’t so apathetic! (And so on.)

CIVIX has made the quixotic-feeling mission of engaging the youth its direct mandate. A non-partisan charity organization, the group aims to build excitement about our democracy among young Canadians. So when Maclean’s hosted the campaign’s first debate on Aug. 6, it assembled a group of high-schoolers and put the question to them: What did you think of each leader’s performance? You can watch their reaction below.

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What did high-school students think of the Maclean’s debate?

  1. Next time, you should try Joe and Jane Front Porch, or Kitchen Table Tim and Tammy, or even for that fact, Coffee Shop Shirley and Steve. I appreciate these students detailed description of these events, but the problem is, and I don’t what to sound too cynical, no one, and ‘Let Me Be Clear’, will ever get the youth to vote, don’t care how many of these sit ins you have on your site. That’s why I think these debates should be dissected from people who vote when voting time comes around. These events can also be very partisan, nobody in the survey admitted where there allegiance lies with the parties. according to todays polling, Trudeau is showing an uptick, not a big one, but it could be a sign of what’s to come, while the other 2 parties are falling a little, so I guess Joe and Jane Front Porch, may beginning to have their say.

  2. Justin Trudeau only had to prove one thing in this debate, and one thing only, and he did it, he had to show confidence and prove he could go toe to toe with the other two goons, Thom and Steve. Trudeau is only going to get better, he(Trudeau) is only starting to dial in. Thom may have owned the HOCs with his Perry Mason style, but now Trudeau is back in his own element crisscrossing the country shaking hands and allowing Canadians to reach out and touch him, feel him, smell him, Just watch him! Thom and Steve have fallen into the trap of scripted campaigning, one(Steve) with a brigade of men in black, and you need to give blood to get into his events, and the other(Thom)with going around in Flip- Flops and Dithering over debates..

  3. Youth will take an interest in politics, when politics takes an interest in them.

    Young people have no interest in taxes, home renovation, day care…..or bombing other coountries.

    • Which countries is Canada’s military bombing?

    • True, Emily,

      However, taxes ARE an issue, home renovation IS an issue, and sometimes….other countries’ have to be bombed.

      Trudeau has dialed into the youth vote because he appeals to where their interests lay. Smoke pot, and let someone else support them.

    • Yeah they want everything for free, I’m entitled, I don’t need/want to work to get what my parents busted their asses for.

      • too my last. I fear for this country when the reigns are hand over to this generation of 20 somethings. I’m glad I won’t be here.

  4. I am not a student, but I liked the US GOP one better. Candiates had the public field popular questions and none of the prearranged BS issue. Many of the questions were direct, with unscripted answers.

    Less diversionary subjects and stupid questions, and more to the point. Canada’s debate was disappointing.