What does Jim Prentice think of cap-and-trade?


The former environment minister tells Evan Solomon that he opposes a carbon tax (the exchange begins around the 3:15 mark here). As for a cap-and-trade… it’s complicated.

As environment minister, Mr. Prentice was a big fan of establishing a price on carbon.


What does Jim Prentice think of cap-and-trade?

  1. Prentice is a smart guy, so why does he put out that bull about a CT aggregating all the at money to the govt? It doesn’t have to be that stark a choice – BC alone refutes him.

    You get the feeling now that these guys are terrified the shale oil play in the US is going to make the oil/tar sands irrelevant at some point. And the point about the old world economic order collapsing reeks to me of a manufactured, or at least exaggerated rationale for we simply must get all that oilsands out of the muskeg before it’s all worthless. That’s what terrifies them, their assets might have to stay in the ground and “rot”. Candians will surely starve if we can’t get every single drop out to some paying customer…who knew!!

    No doubt we will need access to the Asian markets at some point, but i don’t buy our largest customer is headed over a cliff [ if it does we are going anyway, China or no China] taking all our demand with it. The question here is what as a country are we prepared to sacrifice in order to diversify our markets? The CPC/ big oil answer seems to be, just about anything and everything…prudent, cautious environmental regulation, objective scientific scrutiny and research, the rights of BCers to say no, the risk is too high with one of the last truly wild coasts in the western world.[at least as far as the Kitimat route goes. Anyone who knows the coast knows that route is as dumb as a sack of hammers] But as Redford let slip…it’s Canada’s coast, not BCs. Bet she was kicking herself for not putting that little “just” in there? I bet BC noted its absence though! I know i sure did!

  2. “As environment minister, Mr. Prentice was a big fan of establishing a price on carbon”

    Now, as a pandering shill, Mr. Prentice is not a fan of establishing a price on carbon

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