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What does the Prime Minister know about the Prime Minister’s Office?

‘I answered questions to the best of my knowledge’


On Saturday, the Prime Minister apparently addressed the discrepancy between what he told the House last month and what Nigel Wright told the RCMP.

But on Saturday, the Prime Minister told reporters “when I answered questions about this in the House of Commons, I answered questions to the best of my knowledge.”

So let us assume that on June 5—when the Prime Minister stood in the House and said that Mr. Wright’s decision to give Mike Duffy a cheque for $90,000 had not been communicated to any member of the Prime Minister’s Office—the Prime Minister was not aware that anyone in his office had been made aware of what Mr. Wright had done. That would answer this question.

But in regards to the best of the Prime Minister’s knowledge, these questions might be relevant: What precisely has the Prime Minister done to inform himself of the circumstances around what his chief of staff did?


What does the Prime Minister know about the Prime Minister’s Office?

  1. For someone so keen on playing politics….even in totally inappropriate circumstances….Harper appears to have lost track of the plot.

    Maybe it’s that old saying about ‘O what a tangled web we weave……….’

    Now he’s been reduced to the Sgt Schultz defence.

  2. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
    Seems to me the more devastating political attack here is, rather than accuse Harper of lying about his knowledge of the payment, take him at his word he knew nothing, and ask the question, “Why not?”
    Attack ads asking “He can’t run his own PMO, how can we trust him to run the country?” could be extremely effective. To date, political attacks on Harper have been on trustworthiness, to date most have given him a pass on competence, which seems to be the one attribute he historically polls most high on.

  3. We have already addressed those questions previously, by failing to address them on several occasions.

  4. “What precisely has the Prime Minister done to inform himself of the circumstances around what his chief of staff did?”
    Everytime someone tried to fill him in he stuck his fingers in his ears and cried:” I can’t hear you! Lalalalala!”

  5. The Republicans had the Great Communicator. The RepubliCons have the Great Prevaricator.

  6. two transport trucks, can get through ” the best of my knowledge ” .

    • “I’m off the hook now”. Did the right thing “to the best of my knowledge”. If I say that a few more times they’ll all believe me.

  7. If the payment was discussed with three members of the PMO, and none of them had the guts to say, after the PM’s statement to the house, “Uh, Boss, that’s not exactly true.” then there really needs to be a shake-up in the PMO, either of the members or the PM himself. Integrity puts truthfulness over loyalty.

  8. Backed into the “either lying or incompetent” corner . If he’s actually proven to be lying can we impeach ,disbar, force to resign ,dissolve Parliament or hang from the clocktower a sitting Prime Minister or is it just business as usual ?

    • One would hope he’d have enough respect for the office he holds to resign before bringing further disgrace and disrepute to the PM’s office, but I don’t hold much faith in that. I have a really hard time believing the GG will request or force his resignation, or that the Tories will vote along with the opposition on a confidence motion or any other motion that would force him out. My bet is on there being enough Tory MPs who will oust him themselves once he’s become too much a liability to keep around.

  9. He is a complete disaster and absolutely not credible. He’s cultivated himself as the ultimate control freak, ruling his office with an iron fist. Now he’s supposed to be oblivious? Not likely.

  10. Escape clause ‘ the best of his knowledge’ does not fly …is he in charge or was he sleeping at the job? If he can’t manage his office, how can he govern the country?