What else could there possibly be?


Shelly Glover teases the possibility of still more exciting developments to come in the story of Helena Guergis.

“I can assure you that there is far more to come out,” Shelly Glover, parliamentary secretary for official languages told CTV’s Question Period Sunday. “This isn’t finished.”

So far we’ve got allegations of cocaine, prostitutes, compromising photos, improper lobbying and use of a government Blackberry, not to mention an alleged con man, a dog photographer, a former member of the Toronto Argonauts, Robert De Niro’s son and a private investigator. Place your bets on what’s next.


What else could there possibly be?

  1. Nicely shot out cannon fodder, Mr. Harper. I wonder if she realizes she's being used as such.

    If something more does come out, she'll be forgotten, and Harper will take credit for turfing Guergis extremely promptly.

    If nothing more does come out, Glover is unlikely to take much heat for these comments because she's such a non-entitiy otherwise, but it gives great cover for a while from all those people going, "WTH Harper? Out of Caucus and candidacy on a rumor?"

    • You have to admire the evil genius of Stephen Harper. He is the only one that could boot a cabinet minister for misbehaving, throw her out of caucus and not allow her to run again and with all of that he has convinced the opposition they should full sorry for her and they are supporting her. Can you believe? It just boggles the mind that the Libs are so inept and don't know when to leave well enough alone.

      Then you have that fool Apps on Question Period yesterday saying Guergis has been smeared and railroaded. This from a man whose party perfected the slear, innuendo and smear at committee hearings. Hypcocrisy? You bet.

      Then we have a drunk Liberal pouff who gets caught, charged and barely a peep out of the Liberal loving media. Guess what would have happened if it was a Conservative MP? You got it.

  2. A nice man named Tom Flanagan told her. She's thinking of introducing him to the PM.

    • That was wickedly awesome.

    • She first has to confirm that he is a Canadian citizen.

  3. Aaron, you forgot bankruptcy in your list. Although it's probably the least interesting item on the list, so it's excusable if you leave it off.

  4. This is the Shelley Glover that told the press not to ask any questions? The Shelley Glover who makes up statistics about sex crimes … while belittling those who collect crime stats? That Shelley Glover?

    • Yup.

      Your name is too time-limiting for these folks.

  5. Yup – how likely is that Harper would let this MP in on confidential matters of the PMO?

    But, she does her talking points and feels so, so important.

    • Good point.

      Harper is telling Shelley Glover, not even in cabinet, about these "serious and credible" allegations but he apparently won't tell Guergis or the Canadian public.

      I hope to heck that Harper pisses the hell out of Guergis so much that she sues for slander. Harper's and Glover's allegations, if not backed up, were made to the media and therefore not covered by Parliamentary privilige. And there is a clear distinction between a reputation for being incompetent, which she earned, and a reputation for criminal activity, for which so far we only have Harper's and Glover's allegations.

  6. “I can assure you that there is far more to come out,”

    But I thought they withdrew funding for the parade??

  7. Mr. Wherry lays up the softballs and the faithful whack the balls around.

    • methinks it was your sorry excuse for an MP who served up the softballs

      Aaron simply lets us use his baseball diamond …

  8. "What else could there be?"

    What about Chippendale dancers?

    • Wot, has Rahim been moonlighting?

      • More likely mooning.

  9. At this point it would have to involve an affair with a UFO to get any more bizarre.

    • How about a lesbian affair leading to an abortion? It no longer has to be plausible, let alone true.

      • I prefer not to joke about abortion, but perhaps a lesbian affair with a UFO leading to a love-child? I think that would successfully raise the bizarreness bar….barely.

        • Well, they do call 'em starships and they do name ships after women so . . . yeah, that'll work.

  10. Saw Bill Graham's committee appearance on a CPAC replay yesterday…holy cow…no wonder all the non-CPCers are lookinging for absolutely anything else to talk about…especially Iggy's bunch…you'd think the former interim leader who had personal knowledge of the folly that was the path the Libs were pursuing would have been consulted before they got both feet in their mouths. I thought Lawrie Hahn did an excellent job framing the afstan context, nuff said.

  11. Aaron, didn't the PI backpedal mightily in recent testimony? That deserves some mention in your laundry list, no?

  12. What else?

    Minister Rock was once required to settle with and apologize to a former PM from a different party. Maybe one of our current ministers is preparing to settle with and apologize to a former member of his or her own party.

  13. It's starting to sound like a sequel to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    • Please, please tell me that Harper would be in the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter…

  14. jaffy gettin it on wit da big belinda stronach? send me a beauty queen tonight.

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