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What it looks and sounds like


Stephen Harper’s remarks to an audience in Windsor on Monday night.



What it looks and sounds like

  1. Something I have noticed about the Harper campaign is that they seem to have a better grasp of local issues, in contrast to Ignatieff who tends to stress broad, national concerns. All of that microtargeting data must be paying off.

  2. Also, Harper needs a podium – he doesn't know where to put his hands during the applause.

    • He should hold his arms out and clap like Joan Rivers.

      • Shoot- you owe me a new keyboard and a cup of coffee.

    • Trivial Pusuit

  3. Truly Brilliant … secretly I think that Harper doesn't care about winning a minorty or a majority just as long as the ABC movement keeps going with the Lib's numbers below that of the NDP and Jack and Stevie are sitting back sharpening their ginzo knives to carve up the cold remains of the LPT – no longer a need for a coaltion or or any arrangement not with the collapse of the Liberal Party and it has collapsed make nio mistake about that so we will have Left and Right case closed – good day for canadian democarcy

    • Things that make you go 'hmmmm'….. I was reading on Matt Yglesias' site the other day about the polarization of politics and how it's caused by increased levels of education! Very interesting read.

  4. You dropped the "partisans", Wherry. There's always hope!

    • Yeah but he still wrote "it" instead of "he".


      Who was complaining about that last week?

    • Thanks for that. I've been wondering all along whether the biggest story in all this was
      the money being thrown at another "t'inker tanker" front organization rather than the
      sordid little shenanigans being pushed by the headlines.

  5. What's with the absurd use of John McCain's 'friends' tic?

    • It is simply an accurate statement. They screen out people who aren't facebook friends with Stephen Harper.