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What it sounds like


It is a lovely evening here in Campbell River, where, some time ago, Mr. Harper addressed about 400 partisans inside a community centre gymnasium. Here is what that sounded like.


What it sounds like

  1. Seriously? regardless of stripes, have you ever seen someone so blatantly lie day in & day out straight to your face the way Stephen Harper does?.

    I helped vote this thing into power & am completely blown away ever time I see a clip of his fear mongering campaign each & every day of this campaign, its unbelievable, literally!.

    I've voted Conservative, PC, NDP & Liberal over my years so please don't assume I'm just an ABC person, I'm not. but this guy is by far the lowest of the low I've ever seen, straight out of the American playbook of say anything to scare people into following you, regardless of TRUTH & HONOR.

    I find it just sickening as a proud Canadian.

    • "I've voted Conservative, PC, NDP & Liberal over my years so please don't assume I'm just an ABC person, I'm not. but this guy is by far the lowest of the low I've ever seen, straight out of the American playbook of say anything to scare people into following you, regardless of TRUTH & HONOR."

      Yup, obviously you're not a Liberal shill.

      • And you, obviously are not a Turd_Ferguson.

        • Hey Just Joe, Wow a standard liberial reply, name calling, do you want to meet me at the monkey bars at 3:00. What a jerk.

    • Sounds like Brian Lilley's travelling with him.

      • I guess Singh Malik and Tamil Tigers were busy…

  2. This comment was deleted.

    • Nobody buys it. This fourth $300 million election in seven years has been about nonsense – from start to finish. The only development of note has been the NDP's rise in the polls, which could have a significant impact on the final election result. Otherwise, it's been one bogus accusation after another, just like most of the last five years.

      • "Nobody buys it."

        I do. Next.

        • I stand corrected. Next.

  3. Boy, he is a dreadfully boring speaker, isn't he? It's amazing that he still has to look at a bloody teleprompter. The guy's been giving the same speech since day one of the campaign, the same drivel, and still his eyes dart in and around the camera looking for the script on the teleprompter.

    • And the media have to cover every event dutifully. Canadian journalists following the Harper campaign: on the verge of self-immolation.

  4. In this speech:

    – Harper claims the opposition wants to spend more money, when his government has been the biggest spending in history;

    – He claims the opposition wants to increase job killing EI premiums, when HIS government raised them for employers and employees DURING the recession;

    – He claims Canada is leading the global recovery, when we rank 18th out of 30 OECD countries on unemployment, inflation is up, and our rising housing and personal credit rates have placed us equal with American consumer debt rates;

    – He claims that his government has raised healthcare spending by 1/3, when all he can take credit for is not killing Martin's agreement with the provinces.

    What's more, he claims strength in forestry and tourism when both industries are in the crapper.

    And then there's the long-gun registry, which was a non-issue during 5+ years of his government (Harper even refused to back a private member's bill on it) and yet it miraculously reappears on the campaign trail.

    Someone should remind Mr. Harper, that his government didn't fall on the budget — it fell because he was found to be in contempt of Parliament, which is a disgraceful first in Canadian history.

    I simply cannot support such a boastful and pathological liar.

    • Don't worry he'll be reminded on May 2

      • By a bigger minority, or a majority? Really.

        • Sadly, Dennis, you may be right. No amount of lies, disrespect for democracy or fiscal irresponsibility seems to cause Conservative voters any discomfort with this poor leader. With the opposition split, we might have hoped that pressure for a change of tack would come from within the Conservative Party — on policy and/or leadership. Those hopes were dashed when Jim Prentice suddenly left and more responsible fellows decided not to run.

          There is still the possibly that larger voter turnout could affect the race at the riding level, but we may well be stuck with Harper's big-spending, no-vision leadership for a long time to come.

          Ever notice how Harper never speaks of what he plans to do with a new mandate? I find this odd, and disconcerting.

          • Give me a break with the accusations of "lies" and "disrespect for democracy." It's not "undemocratic" when a strong leader you don't like gets to exercise power after actually being democratically elected. As for the fiscal side, Jim Prentice and his types supported the stimulus and all the spending, and it would have been far worse if the coalition had successfully grabbed for power.

            Harper constantly talks about how he'd handle a new mandate: steady as she goes with the continued implementation of the Canada Economic Action Plan, which is part of the budget.

            Some people just love to throw eggs at Harper. But I think he's done an amazing job at rebuilding a movement that was at 8% of the polls when he first started and is now on the cusp of a majority and setting the new standard of successful politics in Canada. He has almost single-handedly restored credibility to the conservative movement in Canada, and paved the pay for those who want to build on it and take it even further.

            But I guess some were happier when it was non-stop Liberal rule for ever and eternity.

          • "continued implementation of the Canada Economic Action Plan"

            Which he was dragged kicking and screaming into, having denied the existence of a recession and after making no provision for economic intervention in his fall economic update.

            So his policy for 2011+ is the opposition's policy from two years ago?

            PS: Every MP in the House is democratically elected. Harper has such difficulty with this concept that he's had a Speaker's ruling against him and was found in contempt.

          • How can you be complaining about our fiscal situation if:

            a) Harper was politically forced into stimulus spending he didn't want to engage in;

            b) Any opposition-implemented fiscal plan would have made things even worse?

            If this election truly was about the finding of "contempt" shoved through by the opposition, why has it hardly been talked about during this election, including by the very opposition that shoved it through?

            Yes, it's the people who will decide the merits of those charges of "contempt."

          • " paved the pay for those who…". A little Frudian slip there Dennis_F

          • His party has less than 40% of the popular vote, and is a minority government. You're stretching 'democratically elected' to its limit.

            Right now there is a rabid partisanship among conservative voters to get that majority at any cost, which is not suprising given how long they have been held out. The problem is when they get there and they realize just how morally and ethically bankrupt the party has become. It will kill them for another decade when they finally get in.

    • "And then there's the long-gun registry, which was a non-issue during 5+ years of his government (Harper even refused to back a private member's bill on it) and yet it miraculously reappears on the campaign trail."

      This was a major issue less than a year ago and was two votes short of being defeated. You are an idiot.

      • Harper refused to endorse the private member's bill and kept his cabinet from doing the same. He has refused all efforts to bring forward a government bill for more than 5 years.

        For something that he uses as a main line in speeches, he wouldn't even whip his MPs on the private member's bill vote. The only two purposes it served for him was to boost fundraising and to sew dissension among rural opposition MPs.

        If you had the capacity to comprehend "Harper even refused to back a private member's bill on it", you might have avoided exposing your lack of knowledge and need to resort to insults.

        I'll give you a second bite at the apple: Why, in your opinion, has Stephen Harper's government NOT put forward a bill on the long-gun registry during it's years in Government?

    • How come Chretien didn't get contempt of parliament when his party was stealing from our cash register, oh yeh he had a majority. and thats the only reason PM Harper got contempt of parliament, because he had a minority.
      who doesn't have contempt of parliament. The Liberial's steal right in front of us and nothing happens to them, what the!!

  5. Interesting how the people at this event are referred to as "partisans" by Mr. Wherry, but not so at this event.

    • Harper is the coward who screens people so carefully. The other leaders are not terrified of meeting ordinary Canadians.

        • Well…at least they can get close to him…ask questions. Which was her point I believe.

      • My guess is that the Liberal crowd is filled with Harper haters like you and Wherry, which is why you have to resort to this incessant nonsense.

        • Denis, didn't you get the memo? You can't call everybody Liberals now that you Conservatives are losing votes to the NDP – you have to atack "lefties" and pretend that Liberals NDPers are all alike and all lefty.

          But may be that is too complex for your little mind.

          • Well, I think I can call people LIBERALS if I'm talking about a LIBERAL event. But maybe you're right. Maybe there's a kind of logic out there, which my mind is too small to decipher, in which it's not LIBERALS who are attending their own events. lol. Next.

          • I like to be able to ask the man who wants my vote where he stands. I like that there are unlimited questions allowed. I like that I get an unscripted answer that appears to be open and honest. I like that I am not going to escorted out of the event if I'm not a card carrying member of their party. I don;t like what the Conservatives are selling and choose to shop around until I find something more to my liking. His campaign is stalled just like his poll numbers. He offers nothing and demands Canadians give him 4 more years of being treated with contempt.

          • Governing parties are always a target and thus always employ stricter communications policies. Elizabeth May, on the other hand, goes to media outlets begging for attention. It's how it goes. All parties invite partisans to their own events. Talk about one of the most distorted non-stories in this campaign. But that's what happens when the opposition forces an election about nothing. Harper's Tories have never sustained this kind of high support in the polls for so long. At the same time, support for the opposition has never been this divided. This is a recipe for party domination, just as the split on the right gave Chretien 100 seats in Ontario by default without even trying. Harper doesn't have contempt for Canadians. You have contempt for him. That much is obvious. Sorry.

          • Apology accepted. I knew you didn't really believe what you wrote, you were just funning with me.

    • Yeah, you do kinda lose clout when only your kind are allowed into your events, so yeah, partisans is appropriate, and quite UNinteresting in fact.
      Having a crowd drown out a reporter( yes, yes, a socialist, left wing reporter yada yada, right, gotcha), now that, to me, is interesting. Quite sad, even.

      • The idea that the Liberal crowd isn't filled with partisans is just more of the kind of nonsense that this election has been about.

        • Filled with the partisan living dead who rise up at Iggy's command to vote for him in leadership races, elections, etc.

  6. I would have liked to hear what this sounded like.

    Iggy attended an Ontario Hockey league play-off game in Mississauga, Ontario tonight, there were about 4000 fans from Niagara and Mississauga present in the arena. He was introduced to the fans, waved, bowed etc. and was booed by the whole crowd for over two minutes. We are not sure how long he stayed at the game afterwards. Mississauga according to the media is supposed to be a Liberal stronghold !!!.

    • You wouldn't have heard much….Iggy was in PEI

      • You're wrong, he was at the game in Mississauga.

        • Come join Michael Ignatieff and our incredible team in PEI for a campaign rally at the Silver Fox Curling Club, at 110 Water St, in Summerside, on Saturday, April 23, at 3:30pm. Don't forget to wear red!

          • That makes more sense. LOL

          • So now that we've established that campaigning politicians stay in one place all day, does that mean Wherry is lying about Harper being in Campbell River tonight? SHAME

          • Campbell River BC woudn't give him much time for a hockey game in Ontario on his way from PEI

      • Emily you're wrong. Ignatieff was at the game before a 9:00 church ceremony in Mississauga, and the Marketing VP of the visiting St Mike's team confirmed he was booed by 4000 people, and that Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion got a huge ovation.

        So booing a CBC journalist…national news. 4000 people in a Liberal stronghold booing the Liberal leader…no news.

          • What does it take for you to realize he was in PEI? And then off to BC?

          • OK. I'm done responding to you. On any topic. You are a liar.

          • Is that a promise? Please?

          • Emily
            He was in Mississauga this evening:) He is tanking in the polls. His gig is up.

          • Yada, yada

          • http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/CanadaVotes/Ne

            According to this, he was in Mississauga-Streetsville last night, Bonnie Crombie's riding.

            Doesn't mention the hockey game, but it does put him in the vicinity.

            It then says he's in Thunder Bay today, which would make sense if he's to end up in B.C. tomorrow.

          • You know john g, a few tweets by Conservatives are not all that convincing since so many of them are liars. Especially when they use the same phrase such as 4000 people booing. What, did each of them decide to count the crowd? Did all 4000 boo or were the tweeters too busy booing themselves to be able to tell if other people were booing in large numbers?

            And I would like to see independent confirmation that Ignatieff was there. One of your tweet references mentions him being shown on the big screen; but was he there in person?

          • Why do you ask? You obviously don't care.

          • I cared enough to do some actual research instead of just spreading any lie the Conservatives put out of their asses, which is what you do, s_c_f.

            Read my other comments.

          • If you'd really done research, you wouldn't be questioning if he was even at the game or not.

          • If he was booed at the hockey game, I suppose one could look at it and wonder why he didn't just have his supporters stand up and cheer loudly to drown out the noise? Oh right, that's the routine of the emperor with no clothes… When you've got a Tamil Tiger fan running for your team and are being supported vigorously by someone who funded terrorist bombers, I suppose that's one exclusive demographic locked up. So, the next question is, just who are those planned mega prisons for?

          • Realist also said that the media call Mississauga a Liberal stronghold. True, it has four ridings held by Liberals and one by a Conservative who won last time by less than 400 votes. That riding had been Liberal in the past and is seen as a swing riding.

            That would explain why Haprer and Ignatieff are both showing up there often; and it might suggest that a bunch of Harper minions might be going there when Ignatieff is expected for the purpose of booing him when they get the chance.

            So again, I think the booing is possible but the 4000 booing is unlikely.

          • I really like the tag on the liberal events.
            ***Anyone can attend this free event and no ticket is needed. However, you can help us plan ahead by submitting an RSVP, above.***
            Anyone see that on a Harper event? Didn't think so and therefor 'Partisan' is the right word for people at Harpers sermons!!

          • Just like Rob Ford could never win the mayoralty.

            This is one more snippet of information showing the same trend. I suspect the anti-tar sands ads the Liberals are running right now reflects their internal polling showing their support in the traditional Liberal strongholds is ebbing.

            We shall see next week, but this is turning into an interesting election. Canadians generally don't vote FOR someone as against someone. Usually it is the party in power. This might be a first where the opposition party gets the no vote.

            Wells described the Liberals as ready to go in all aspects except fundraising. That means the Liberals have a very small 'down with the ship' base.

  7. Tonight Mr. Ignatieff went to a hockey game in Missessaga, and was loudly…very loudly bood for over two minutes. Apparantly it was one of thje most devastating rbukes in recent times by a non-patisaan crowd.

    The real story. The alarming story:

    Canadian Press reported on the game….and didn’t even mention Ignattieff was there.

    It’s viral on Twitter exposing the Pravda like cover up for the Liberal politbureau.

    Mr. Wherry inadvertantlly gave us the perfect title for this story.

    This active cover up by an intitution that purports to inform is scary on so many levels.

  8. As Wherry is travelling with Harper he wouldn't know anything about an OHL game tonight in Mississauga.

    As for the booing etc. so far I only see it on a Conservative blog, which either totally proves or completely disproves the story.

  9. OK, there is evidence that Ignatieff was going to go from PEI to Mississauga. At 3:30 PEI time he gave a 25-minute speech. He was heading back to go to a 9:00 service at the same church Harper was in this morning in Mississauga.

    So did Ignatieff spend some time at the hockey game in Mississauga? Possibly. Was he booed? Possibly. Did 4000 people boo at him? I doubt it. The local report on the game did not mention such an event.

    I wonder how if other politicians get booed at sporting events? If so, does it ever get reported?

    Surely no one would be shallow enough to try to compare being booed at a hockey game with Harper's minions drowning out a reporter's questions.

    • Boy, those political party leaders have punishing schedules.

  10. Ah, but what we learned here was, successful channel changing 101. Harper beats the rap again.

  11. It is everywhere. Simultaineous twitters describing the ssame thing. Commenters on other sites are describing it as well.

    That we have those here simply denying it on behalf of Iggy and calling those describing the events “Liars”, and the press actively covering this up is shocking behaviour. Those who wish to dishonestly propagandize in comments threads, well that’s the world of free speech I suppose, but an institution hollding itself out as an informer, instead being a deciever, is a whole other matter altogether.

    Sadly this incident only highlights how little difference in behaviour there has been between rabid partisan blog commenters and supposed “professional” journalists.

    • Sadly, this incident also highlights how little difference in meaning Conservative supporters are willing to acknowledge between a party leader getting booed during an election campaign at an unrelated public event — possible only because he was actually willing to show up at one — and a fully partisan crowd uniting to silence a question from the media at a rally during the same campaign.

      Assuming these twitter reports you refer to are accurate, that wouldn't even actually prove your premise. It would only go to show that there's enough partisan-inspired intellectual dishonesty to go around. Good job only seeing your side of it, though — very consistent.

      • Conservative mass hysteria–nothing to see here.


  12. The relationship between the partisan media and their Liberal followers is fascinating to watch. “Bagdad Bob” was one of the most well known recent propagandists, telling the world on CNN that Saddam had complete control over the city while A1 Abrams tanks rumbled a block behind him. Such propaganda serves as a pathetic bubble leading those willing participants to ignore reality for just a little longer.

    The media can pretend the city of Missessaga is still firmly in Liberal hands, while becoming comical historic figures in the process (our own collective Bagdad Bobs) and the Liberal suppoerters here can gain some immediate comfortfrom it, but in the end it won’t change reality.

    • charles is bringing us the latest Con war room messaging – that the press is totally biased against Harper. All after the Harper team encouraged the shouting down of the press yesterday. First Bob Fife was attacked because he was the first to report it and now they're trying to claim the press is purposefully not reporting an entire hockey rink booed down Iggy. Sat night of an Easter weekend and somehow regular programming should have been interrupted to get this out. The problem is the twitter campaign is so easy to track. Turns out Iggy was back in TO last night, could have been at the game, could have been booed but what's being spread is just an attempt to discredit the press to distract from that Vancouver South candidate's little problem with a terrorist supporter.

  13. For months I have had to watch Conservative commercials attacking a man outside of an election. Something I have never had to endure in this country before. Attacking someone because they chose to study and work outside of Canada, not even about policy or ideology. I don't think that was "fair". The globe and Mail is "supposed" to be a left leaning paper(according to EVERY conservative I know). Yet they endorsed Harper the last 2 elections. Spare me the Liberal media talking point. I do however appreciate you calling the opposition leader by his actual name.

    • You must have come to Canada at the same time Ignatieff did.

  14. Soft music plays in the background and Harper speaks!!!
    Canada, a country without a press, a country we conservatives can be proud of. A country where we can ridicule our fellow citizens, a country that gives to the rich and takes from the poor, a country where medicare is cut and the distribution of wealth stopped, a country where east and west can cut each others throats and feel good about it, a country where our politicians are expected to lie because the citizens are not worthy of the truth, a country that gives our natural resources to our neighbours to the south if they will only be our friends, a country that accepts contempt in our parliment, a country who's leader stands for "attacks on public funding for what it calls "interest groups" such as human rights or women's groups.
    ". Now that's my kind of Canada. Go Harper…

    • >a country that gives our natural resources to our neighbours to the south

      I could have sworn that they were paying for it.

      I humbly stand corrected.

      • David Emerson thanks you for your faith.

        • They are not paying near as much as they should be if our incompetent rightwing politicians had more brains and guts and any integrity at all.

          • two words 'softwood lumber'

  15. It’s been reported that Ignatieff was in Mississauga on the 23rd. Although no mention of the hockey game. Oddly, the Liberal events website doesn’t list his stop in Miss. at all, not even to list the Easter service.

    “Ignatieff was to end his day by returning to the Toronto area, attending an Easter service at a Mississauga church.”


  16. Some real, actual proof – not just the odd blog reference or a half dozen Twitter feeds – would be nice before Conservatives completely embrace this myth about Ignatieff. But if that's all the evidence they need, I think it then behooves our national media and other assorted bloggers to begin referencing and examining those online references to the Prime Minister's wife. After all, it's been online, shows up on Google searches, and has been discussed amongst media and average folks for more than a year.

    When will the media stop ignoring and burying the real story about Harper's wife, and start reporting and investigating the truth?

    I kid, of course. But the birther mentality Conservatives are displaying on this Ignatieff/hockey story is dangerous, for a host of reasons that should be painfully obvious. Careful about the doors you want to start prying open…

    • There's video, twit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5HxT3_r2DI&fe

      Your Laureen reference, on the other hand, is a vicious lie.

      The fact that you and others would have the gall to dispute an event witnessed by 4000 people shows what kind of twisted mind you have.

      • First it was one minute, then two minutes and now Fox News Canada says four minutes! But they show about 4 seconds and no lead up. I hear one person close to the mike booing and he's an obvious con operative following Michael around. Go Harper and your new America!

        • obviously . . lol

      • I'd like proof that back up your allegations that 4,000 people booed Ignatieff. I don't see that in this video. I heard some people near the camera boo. Big deal. That's not proof, that's wishful thinking on your part.

        BTW, I have seen no evidence to disprove the numerous allegations and discussions that have surrounded the PM's marital problems over the past year – only a media that is too beholden and scared of the PMO to follow the story.

        • Even the reporter said he was "booed roundly". LOL You people are unbelievable. Even the CBC had to pick up the story after Sun reported it. It's sad that Liberals have resorted to living in a fantasy land now that Ignatieff is tanking so badly.

          Enjoy your chocolate.

  17. 'Liberal/NDP coalition', Mr. Harper? You have no idea how much your policies resemble Liberal Premier Slash Gordon's, who quit after a groundswell of disgust.

  18. Steve Rennie (the CP reporter covering Iggy tweets that he wasn’t at the game so he “can’t report first hand”. The team’s VP has publicly confirmed it, plus 4000 or so eye witness sources.

    We’ve seen single anonymous sources form the basis of media storms about conservatives. It appears a public eye witness account, 4000 strong, isn’t a good enough “lead” to get this intrepid reporter to dare report this startling event…when it reflects poorly on Mr. Ignatieff.

    • 4,000 people and no video? You Con ops are really slipping up.

      • Sun TV has a four-second video, but of course they are probably lying and exaggerating like charles here is.

  19. If its on twitter … it must be true!

  20. Ok, footage of the appearance was just shown on CTV Question Period – it's hard to tell the general reaction of the crowd, the audio seemed to mostly capture one or two people near the camera booing very loudly. Ignatieff was in one of the boxes, the JumboTron was showing a picture of him waving briefly.

    So yes, it did happen.

    • So much for the press conspiracy.

    • It's just a flesh wound.

      • Conservatives can't find sleazy scandals about the other leaders, so they are reduceed to manufacturing events. Now Harper has the real sleaze, with his criminal advisor Carson bringing his "fiance" the madam to a party at the PM's residence. Mind you the madam was Carson's previous "fiance", not the most recent "fiance" the escort.

        For Conservatives, it's sleaze all the way down. How many of our tax dollars went into Carson's greasy pocket, Harper? Answer that question, coward!

  21. Heres one for ya , Hey Harper "Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. See if that makes the news!

  22. Aaron is at it again. What if he had put Ignatieff on here, and titled it 'What IT sounds like'. He can't even post a audio clip without trying to put a spin on it.

  23. Ignatieff's comment on the booing hit the mark, I thought:


    "Third period of a tense hockey game, and you put a politician on the JumboTron? Yeah, I'd boo me too."

    Things you'd never catch Harper saying.

    • you would never catch harper saying anything, period.