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What it sounds like


Michael Ignatieff addressed a rally of perhaps 1,200 this evening inside a hotel ballroom in downtown Ottawa. There were the requisite signs and thundersticks. Mr. Ignatieff was flanked by a dozen MPs and candidates, behind them the Liberal banner, three Canadian flags on either side. And amid all that, he quoted Bob Dylan.

We are now on a bus bound for Montreal, but below a recording of the first of many stump speeches to come.


What it sounds like

  1. I read you were given Iggy eyebrows – I hope you're all wearing them.

  2. Obviously Iggy isn't sensitive about his eyebrows. LOL

  3. "Michael Ignatieff addressed a rally of perhaps 1,200"

    Come on Mr.Wherry. Be more specific. You estimate the numbers and the Liberals stil let you ride on their bus???

    That's pretty nice of them.

  4. Thanks for posting that audio – it's a great speech. What a stark contrast from Harper this morning.

  5. "Tangled Up In Blue
    Early one mornin' the sun was shinin'
    I was layin' in bed
    Wond'rin' if she'd changed at all
    If her hair was still red
    Her folks they said our lives together
    Sure was gonna be rough
    They never did like Mama's homemade dress
    Papa's bankbook wasn't big enough
    And I was standin' on the side of the road
    Rain fallin' on my shoes
    Heading out for the East Coast
    Lord knows I've paid some dues gettin' through
    Tangled up in blue"

    Bob Dylan

  6. Bob Dylan was a wise choice, considering that Iggy makes about as much sense as Bob does…

  7. Wrong song.

  8. Now there's evidence of the culture gap.

  9. 'I cannot tell you how proud I am to be a Democrat….democratic politician.' <inside voice: I'm in CANADA now… sheesh that's hard to remember>

  10. Taking after Harper eh….lying from the get-go.

  11. I don't think so but Mr.Wherry might have been sowing some confusion. Or at the very least, he has not managed to provide all necessary documentation as to what Dylan song he referred to.

    But good on the Liberals for letting such misleading person ride on the bus with him.


  12. Your Google is broken?

  13. It's called You Got to Serve Somebody…

  14. 250 at Harpers

  15. Thundersticks, Iggies crowd has thundersticks, wow those guys are serious.

  16. They all needed special clearance though, not to mention lobotomy scars.

  17. That sounds painful.

  18. Actually a pretty good tune. Not Maggie's Farm or anything, but pretty good.

  19. Wow. Just. Wow.

    That's a huge endorsement for Ignatieff. "He makes as much sense as Bob Dylan." You go tell that to everybody you can, niceguy71.

  20. I hear that at Conservative rallies, the supporters have to take a little blue pill before they can get a thunderstick

  21. And at least he didn't sing it…

  22. Snap!

  23. Well, he does have more sense than Steve, after all.

  24. I wonder when we will be served up some more of Steve's cover tunes? I doubt we'll get through the next 6 weeks without a show. I made a need to get a tractor – do they make really small ones?

  25. The PMO's special advisors are letting others use those now?

  26. They make a variety of small tractors, Jan. I suggest something with a small loader and 3 point hitch as options. My favourite of the new ones is the John Deere X728, but Massey and Kubota have similar models…all fine machines and about the same size as a pony.

  27. I really like that he has a sense of humour……I hope he shows that more often on the campaign trail

  28. He's still mad at Bob for going electric.