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What now?


First ballot results are expected to be announced between 10am and 10:30am this morning. Here is what I’m interested to see.

Where’s Thomas Mulcair? Assuming he’s the frontrunner, how high is his support and what’s the gap between him and second place?

Who’s number two? And is the distance between second and third enough to establish a clear alternative to Mr. Mulcair?

Where’s Nathan Cullen? He feels like the wild card here.

How much support did Martin Singh draw? He’s the only candidate to publicly declare a second choice and even if all his first-ballot votes don’t carry over, the higher the number, the better that presumably bodes for Mr. Mulcair.

How many people voted? Above and beyond the 55,659 people who’ve already voted, it’s important to know how many votes are actually in play today.


What now?

  1. Cullen is definitely the dark horse because of his $$$ fundraising numbers. People often, but not always, put their money where their mouth is. 

    Voting process is bizarre – I am interested to see how many dippers did pre voting, and who they voted for, and how many dippers are involved right now online. And second, third choice voting queers the pitch as well – race could be over before it even starts depending on how early voting went. 

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