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What now? (II)


Chris Selley considers.

It’s easy, and frankly appropriate, to laugh at the gaggle of orange poteaux — “posts,” as Quebecers call cipher candidates — soon heading to Ottawa to take their seats as New Democrat MPs (and to move into their very first apartments!). But whatever their shortcomings, it’s safe to assume they’re full to bursting with idealism and self-esteem. Many of them aren’t long out of high school. Try to bully them and by God, they’ll probably call the police.

There’s 57 new NDP MPs from Quebec — almost 20% of the House of Commons. They have a real opportunity to make a difference in the way Parliament conducts its business.


What now? (II)

  1. it's a risk and an experiment, but not one that is necessarily doomed to fail.

    • Definitely not doomed to fail. Young people are better at learning than older men and women after all.

      There will definitely be attrition, but if even a few of those young people survive, they will be a long term strategic asset for the NDP.

      • Yeah, think Jean Charest, who was elected in Sherbrooke when he was in his 20s, the same riding where the 19 year old was elected. It would not be surprising if at least one or two of these young people were to be in Parliament for another 40 years.

  2. Don't forget Thomas Mulcair.

  3. Well people have long complained that parliament is like a schoolyard, so now it just has more members.

  4. Can't remember which media website, but they had a picture of a school with huge, bright coloured letters across it "MULCAIR DAYCARE" lol!!

    Rex Murphy had his usual 'tongue-in-cheek' comments: "candidates who campaigned in Las Vegas and won in Quebec. (Almost as good as campaigning in Quebec and winning in Vegas.)"

  5. I just hope some of these new MPs don't let the party establishment push them around too much. I heard yesterday that media were set to interview the 19-year old but the party stopped it and wouldn't let it happen. I would love to hear one of them tell Mulcair to stuff it.

    • The NDP are contolling the media???? How terrible!!!

      • The same people who chronically complained about Evil Lord Harper and his control freak tendencies. Superb.

  6. "…a cartoonishly small-minded prime minister acting as chief puppeteer over a caucus of frat boys, yes men, and idiocrats…"

    Boy, did Andrew Potter nail it:

    • There is little doubt that Iggy did not understand Canada …. on his 1/2 hour commercial he started by saying that he was sorry that most other Canadians did not get to do what he had done " …. travel from sea to sea, ocean to ocean" What he and his handlers, friends and editors missed is that while the US has 2 seas we have 3.oceans – from sea to sea to sea, ocean to ocean to ocean.

      Anyone who believes that this sort of mistake was not sub-consciously understood by many Canadians is daft. His previous written denigration of Ukrainians and other groups marked him as an elitist and his book on how much he loved Canada as a insincere illusionist.

      However, many small minded liberals, like little children, do not want to blame the source for their loss, themselves.

      I wish the youngsters elected to the house good luck …. not because I voted NDP or care about rigid political parties, but because I hope they do their best for our country.