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What now? (II)


Brian Topp considers.

No progressive can welcome the election of a majority Conservative government. But in our best long-term interests, we shouldn’t be too churlish about it either. When the time comes, hopefully in a few short years, we will be looking to Conservatives to accept their replacement by a fearlessly (if prudently) progressive government, without raising existential issues about the country or our democracy. With an eye to setting a good precedent, Mr. Layton was therefore wise to congratulate Stephen Harper on his victory, and to pledge to work co-operatively with the new government where possible, while working diligently to offer Canadians what will be (by our lights) a much better alternative.

What does Mr. Layton have to work with to do that? A remarkably good hand – if played well , that’s what.


What now? (II)

  1. There is a Separatist-Socialist coalition and it's called the NDP caucus.

    • If I were as dumb as you, I'd post as Anon too. You see the sweeping out of the Bloc as a triumph of separatists. That is some world-class dumb right there.

    • The CPC majority will likely do more for the separatists than anything else could have. They voted the NDP in on the hopes of stopping the CPC after all. Given Harpers history of dealing with dissent and disagreement he is probably the least able of any of Canada's PM's to actually handle a resurgent separatist movement.

      • The next government will probably be PQ, and we will finally learn if they're serious. If they really want another referendum, harper will be their dream opponent.

  2. No, I refuse to accept the results. I want my country back! I also want to see Stephen Harper's birth certificate.

    Any chance we can dig up a picture of Harper visiting a mosque?

    • Here is a picture of Harper visiting a Mosque. Though there is some debate if they are Muslims, just as there is some debate as to whether Mormons are Christians.

    • Well, he was born in Toronto right? Don't Albertans consider Trawna the equivalent of Kenya?

    • If Canada had a "Jon Stewart" or "Stephen Colbert," this would be excellent fodder! :-)

      With Love and Gratitude,


  3. Mr Wherry, so do you style yourself a progressive? By the way, can you define, "progressive", for those of us who are NOT Harper Haters.

    • If Mulcair is "progressive" then the definition of "progressive" includes believing that everything the President of the United States says is a lie.

    • Good point. Being vague is like the ancient Oracle where something will be interpreted according to one's preconceived opinion. Progressive means different things to different people. I think Harper is progressive.

  4. We should hold Stephen Harper up to our children as an example of how you can succeed in life without having a lot of ability if you are only persistent. Mr. Harper probably won't go down in history as a great Canadian prime minister, but he certainly doesn't give up easily. But as they say, three is the charm…

    • Bet his mother read him Aesop's Fables as a child – The Tortoise and the Hare comes to mind.

  5. well, he already been a royal pain for at least that long, so the next four should come quite easily for him.

  6. What a fine example of the intellectual and moral onanism which exemplifies Jack Layton and the NDP as a coming leader and party.

      • Wow – that's pretty bad on Mulcair's part, at least Dewar smoothed things over. Thought the "herding cats" was just for the newbies!!

        Good answer from Chris Alexander.

        • Im starting to think the Liberals have nothing to worry about. The NDP might ADQ themselves but nationally.

  7. The NDP and Layton should have a far better opportunity to oppose and present an alternative, than the LPC and Ignatieff did.

    At least I hope so. It's time for limited government to show up, Mr. Harper…

    • Mr. Harper's speech of Tuesday morning gave no indication that he will be pursuing the course you desire. It has just come to me, in light of that speech, what Harper has learnt in the past 5 1/2 years of minority rule.

      Here it is: he has learnt how to govern as the "Natural Governing Party" of Canada. Sorry to rain on your parade, MYL, but your limited government agenda will be sacrificed in light of the realities of governing Canada. Take comfort in that this same alter is the same that all Canadian ideologies have been sacrificed on.

      • Indeed, far-rightism isn't the biggest danger from a Harper majority (try telling me that in 2002!) It's the damage to parliament. As Coyne said, the Conservatives can do more danger to democracy than the Liberals can do to the economy.

  8. Brian "remarkably good hand" Topp writes: He emphasized this point in his acceptance speech Monday night, pointing to the strong record of both achievement and fiscal responsibility by NDP governments (Douglas, Lloyd, Blakeney, Romanow, Schreyer, Pawley, Doer, Harcourt, Dexter, etc. – a very strong tradition of good government indeed) and pledging to carry that tradition forward into federal politics.

    Rae? Dosanjh? Where did they go? They must be the "etc."

  9. "When the time comes, hopefully in a few short years, we will be looking to Conservatives to accept their replacement by a fearlessly (if prudently) progressive government, without raising existential issues about the country or our democracy."

    Shyeah. When the time comes, Harper will burn this motherf*cker down before he'll turn over the keys to some Progressive. Godwin's Law will weep before the onslaught of attack ads and Parliament will be prorogued until the ink fades on the writ.

    Is there something about the Globe that encourages such denial of reality? Maybe the water coolers are contaminated.

  10. I will take the advice and not comment any more about a certain writers' bias. The election is over, and we can all calm down.

    I will continue, however, to point out inaccuracies when I find them.

  11. I didn't vote NDP for them to speculate on whether dead OBL pictures exist or not. Mulcair has better things to do than that.

    There's a machine in the PMO. That's problem enough.

    • I like machines. They are efficient and useful servants of man.

  12. Brian Topp is in denial. The election was 3 days ago. We now have a responsible government elected by the people and they can now get on with the job of managing the economy without Iggy. Harper is an economics major and his priority is jobs for Canadians and not have to deal with stupid Liberal BS. Layton and his inexperienced young MPs will muddle around collecting paycheques. Layton and his wife will no longer double dip both claiming the full price of their shared apartment.