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What Putin said to Harper


David Akin reports details of the conversation between the Prime Minister and Vladimir Putin during last weekend’s summit.

But none of this will surprise Russian President Vladimir Putin who as much warned Prime Minister Stephen Harper during their one-on-one meeting in Vladivostok on the weekend that the West should expect this kind of thing for “instigating” mobs in Egypt and Libya. According to officials in the room with the two men, Putin said Harper and other Western leaders are acting like “Trotskyites” – that was Putin’s line — for exporting revolution and promoting instability.

I’m not sure how Putin connects the dots between Stephen Harper and Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky, but Putin’s basic point to Harper was that Western leaders were being dangerously naive by meddling in the affairs of the dictators of the Middle East.


What Putin said to Harper

  1. Yevgeny Y. Satanovsky, president of the Institute of the Middle East in Moscow, said
    American leaders should not expect “one word of sympathy” from their Russian

    “You are the Soviet Union now, guys, and you pay the price,” he said. “You are
    trying to distribute democracy the way we tried to distribute socialism. You do
    it the Western way. They hate both.” He said dictators were preferable to
    the constellation of armed forces that emerge when they are unseated.


    • Are you mistaking Canada for the USA again?

      • That’s a Con’s wet dream.

        • So then why are you quoting a Russian talking to an American about America as if it somehow has something to do with Canada?

          • I repeat: Canada being part of the US is a Con’s wet dream.

  2. I read it really fast and mistook Akin for the OTHER “legitimate rape” Akin, and I was all like “well isn’t THAT just the trifecta of political crazy.”

  3. I have even less respect for Putin than I do for Harper.