What Rob Ford meant


Courtesy of Newstalk 1010’s John Downs, here is audio of Rob Ford attempting to explain his comments about wanting to sit down with the Prime Minister to discuss immigration law. Apparently it has “nothing to do particularly with immigration or where you come from.” Rather, the Toronto mayor wants to know whether it is possible to bar anyone convicted of a gun-related crime, regardless of their citizenship status, from living in Toronto.

I don’t care if you’re Canadian born, I don’t care if you’re a Canadian citizen, I don’t care if you’re an immigrant and I don’t care if you’re a refugee. It doesn’t matter to me. If you’re convicted of a gun crime, I do not want you living in the city. And the only way I can find out whether that’s legal or not or whether we can enforce that is through the PMO. And that’s what I’m doing.


What Rob Ford meant

  1. It would take about an hour for somebody at city hall to prepare a dossier on the limited exceptions which are available to restrict the freedom of movement guaranteed to Canadians in s. 6 of the Charer of Rights and Freedoms. And it’s the kind of thing you do well before a meeting, rather than wasting the time of the prime minister, who is probably the least legally capable Prime Minister in Canadian history anyway.

  2. This is such an absurd idea that could never have a legal leg to stand on. He needs to be impeached because he does not have the mental capacity to act as Mayor of Toronto. Period.

  3. C`mon, even you narrow minded people here must know Ford knows full well that there is nothing Harper or anyone in Ottawa can do to help the violent crime situation in Toronto. He just needs someone to vent to. He wants someone to tell him why for the past 40 years an immigration policy seems to have increased the violence in his city. He wants to know why Toronto, more than any other city is on the receiving end of this problem.
    But that horse has left the barn—-he may not like the result of a lax immigration policy started by federal governments in the 60`s and 70`s but he is the mayor of Toronto in 2012, so he better do something proactive. 23 people injured and 2 dead at a community barbecue is serious business—-and you can be sure there will be more of this—-time to leave the petty politics ( that goes for him and the petty folks on the left) aside and try to stop this.

    • Gee, Edmonton was the murder capital of Canada last year, and I didn’t hear all this nonsense spouted about ‘immigrants’.

      Just another excuse by the racists here….

    • See what you’ve done Petrou? One ill-thought out screed on gun control, and it’ll take weeks for all the new crazies to get tired and leave.

      • Don`t worry, you and the few remaining progressive hypocrites here will have your own private liberal blog to yourselves.
        40 years of your progressive hypocrisy has led you to a situation where 2 hoodlums fire of 100 rounds in a crowded back-yard barbecue and the best this site can do is get snarky with a mayor for showing his disgust with the situation.

        Now why don`t you go and give the Crazy One above another thumbs-up—you encourage a lying, trolling twit–you deserve her.

  4. Ford: Guns don’t kill people, immigrants kill people. Ah jeese, I mean immigrants with guns kill people…what I mean is that I don’t care what color you are, if you’re an immigrant I don’t want you in Toronto…You know, like Jason Kenney says. It’s like when I was caught with weed in Florida, and my dad pulled some strings and the minister of immigration got me off. I just want someone who knows what they’re doing to pull some strings. If the U.S. could kick me out, why can’t I kick immigrants out? I’m the mayor. Subways, subways, subways.

    • love the above post, but I want subways.

  5. Really? He needs to talk to the PMO about whether or not you can limit a person’s freedom of movement, which is a guaranteed freedom in our Constitution??? Couldn’t he just ask anyone who’s thought about it for more than five seconds?

    I’m no great legal scholar, but I’m 99% certain that there’s absolutely no legal way to do what Ford is proposing that wouldn’t be laughed out of Court by the Supremes.

  6. Poor Robby Ford…he’s obviously in need of protection from his own randomly-firing brain. The man is prone to self-injury.

  7. Rather than wasting time on stupid stuff that could never be implemented in law, maybe Rob Ford should instead lobby for a Concealed Carry law.

    Texas – Crime rate drops after concealed carry implemented.

    Virginia – Restaurant/Bar crime rate drops 5.2% once concealed carry implemented.

    Michigan – Violent crime rate dropped 10.5% in first 3 years after concealed carry implemented.

    Vermont – One of the lowest crime rates in the country despite most open gun ownership laws, including concealed carry.

    Finally, Chicago. Handguns were banned in Chicago until the ban was overturned by the Supreme Court in 2010. Here are some examples of how well the ban was working before it was overturned. In particular to note from the Supreme Court’s decision:

    Chicago Police Department statistics, we are told, reveal that the
    City’s handgun murder rate has actually increased since the ban was
    enacted and that Chicago residents now face one of the highest murder
    rates in the country and rates of other violent crimes that exceed the
    average in comparable cities.

  8. ford: governing without mandate, approval or good sense.
    Only Cahones.

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