What the New Democrats want

The official opposition makes its budget demands


The official opposition has sent a letter to Jim Flaherty to explain what they’d like to see in the spring budget.

Included therein is a demand that omnibus bills not be used to implement the budget. There was some suggestion last month that this year’s budget would be “smaller.” Smaller is possibly not a hard expectation to meet. What would constitute a small budget bill at this point—200 pages? 100 pages? 50 pages?—is a matter of perspective.


What the New Democrats want

  1. Given the Harper Government’s propensity to indulge in double-speak, I’m sure its idea of a small omnibus bill will be an appalling irony. Of course, back in 1994 Harper was outraged over the Liberals introducing a 42 page budget bill…

    I like Justin Trudeau’s democratic reform platform that would put a stop to these assaults on democracy: “As for omnibus bills, they are a simple affront to Parliament and the people who are represented there, and we will not use them.”


    • Let’s hope the words he speaks are a more accurate reflection of the actions he takes than Harper’s have been (assuming he ever gets to be PM).

      • Yes, Harper promised “open, transparent and accountable” government and brought in the complete opposite. He created a Ministry of Truth that controls MPs and ministers, muzzles scientists and feeds propaganda to the press — a machine in constant war (campaign) mode.

        People may know the “how”, but do they know the “why?” Harper has an agenda to incrementally change Canada into a conservative country while a super-majority is opposed to him.

        Will Justin have any such need to plot and scheme? Probably not. He can succeed quite well by simply carrying out the wishes of a vast majority of Canadians.

        • Do you not see the irony in referring to the Ministry of Truth, when all you do is spew propaganda and stale partisan talking points?

          • Clearly you do not comprehend the meaning of the following: propaganda, partisan and talking points. Instead of regurgitating arguments you have read others use, try cracking a dictionary…

  2. NDP not in a position to demand anything.

    • Nobody outside the PMO is in a position to demand anything from Harper, including his own caucus. Like the rest of us, most of them will likely get a first glimpse of the budget when he carries it down from the mountain.

      • LOL. Actually, Harper’s at the top of the mountain and he’ll get his faithful servant Moses Flaherty to carry it down… (No doubt the true believers consider “The Media Party” the idol-worshiping heathens who defile the sacred word by daring to raise questions…)

    • Sure they are – anyone can demand anything. They aren’t, however, in a positon to do anything about it [beyond complain loudly] if their demands are ignored.

  3. The NDP and or the Liberals and especially the Green or the BQ are in no postion to demand anything!!!!!! we Toreis have a majority and if they would like to see something maybe they could try asking nicely :)

    • Careful, or Mulcair will “mess with you till he’s done”!

  4. The citzens of Canada, the taxpayers of Canada are in no position to demand anything.

    The political left and right in Canada doesn’t represent the majority of Canadians.

    They represent the weathly, big business, big union and not the small and medium size business of majority; Private sector employee’s.

  5. I like how Nash says “New Democrats believe in balancing the budget over the business cycle…”, and then goes on for 2 pages demanding increased spending and reversing any previous cuts. Funny how that works.

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