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What was Jack Layton’s legacy?


To this and this, you can add Brian Topp’s summation.

Topp said it’s important to remember that Layton left “an extraordinary legacy” before his death last August. “He showed that the NDP, as the NDP, could be very successful.”


What was Jack Layton’s legacy?

  1. NDP base apparently want a left wing mainstream party – that’s why Mulcair is popular. Mulcair would not be leading candidate at moment if NDP members didn’t like his ideas and plans. Mulcair is popular with NDP base and they are not paying attention to Topp who seems to think Layton moved party far enough to middle but should not move a single centimetre more. 

    Postmedia – March 19:

    NDP leadership contender Brian Topp says fellow candidate Thomas Mulcair is proposing to lead the party on a path to the political centre that will be rejected by Canadian voters in the next election. In an interview Monday with Postmedia News, Topp stressed that the NDP is at a fundamental crossroads in the closing days of the leadership race — and the core question is whether the party will stand by its traditional principles.