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What’s going on in Brandon-Souris (and Toronto Centre)?

By-election polling and intrigue


A new Forum poll gives the Liberal candidate a five-point advantage in Brandon-Souris, roughly in line with what Forum reported last month. How dramatic a result would that be? A 40-35 split in favour of the Liberals would represent a 35-point increase for the Liberals and a 29-point drop for the Conservatives compared to the 2011 result.

Forum also gives the Liberals an 11-point advantage in Toronto Centre, but David Coletto at Abacus has some concerns about those numbers.


What’s going on in Brandon-Souris (and Toronto Centre)?

  1. Aaron,
    I’m surprised you didn’t take this opportunity to write about how evil Stephen Harper is.
    What’s wrong? ….feeling down?

    • I suppose the numbers speak for themselves

    • I welcome you to point to a single instance of Wherry writing that Harper is evil. You Wherry hater/groupies are demented.

  2. I live in the Brandon-Souris riding and am looking forward to a Liberal win!

    • You know what else Trudeau is not doing that other parties are doing, and that’s attacking, the other parties. You see Trudeau is not an angry man, and he has the ability to keep anger in check. that’s a special gift to have in the world of partisan politics.

      • Justin is dreamy.

      • Trudeau is neither PM nor leader of the opposition, so has the luxury of looking cute and not saying much for now. If he were really against overly partisan politics he would support proportional representation, which he does not. He clearly puts his own interests ahead of ours (the Canadian electorate’s). In that way he and Harper are indistinguishable.

  3. I wonder why Justin Trudeau is getting all the oxygen in the press and twitter the last 2 days. it wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with the polling numbers would it ? Dahhhhhh !

    • Might have something to do with his recent comments in support of the Chinese form of dictatorship. That’s not generally the kind of thing that goes over well with Canadians.

  4. It’ll be interesting to see the Liberals’ numbers plummet now that word’s out that Trudeau admires China’s dictatorship. My guess is that the people of Brandon-Souris don’t want a dictatorship in Canada, led by Trudeau or anybody else.