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What’s going on in Laurier-Sainte-Marie?


Postmedia raises questions about Conservative fundraising efforts in the Quebec riding of Laurier-Sainte-Marie.

The unexplained donations – Postmedia News uncovered 11 – fall mostly into three groups: a group of donations of $666.66, totalling $99,999; a group of donations of $733.33, totalling $32,999.85; and a group of donations of $333.33, totalling $14,333.19. Postmedia tried to contact all the donors on the riding’s donor list from 2007 to 2009, almost 550 people. Many failed to return calls; others could not be located. Some said they couldn’t recall making donations, and others declined to discuss the issue. But 11 said they definitely did not make donations, and would like to know how their names ended up on the list.

Rocco Carbone, who owns an asbestos removal business, was surprised to hear he was listed as a donor to the Tory riding association. “I gave money to the party?” he said. “I never gave no money to no party.” Italio Barone, who owns a banquet hall in Montreal’s Little Italy, said he is not a Conservative and doesn’t know where Laurier-Sainte-Marie is. “I have nothing to do with the Conservatives,” he said. “I want to find out who the guy was doing the fundraising because I have a few words to say to him.”


What’s going on in Laurier-Sainte-Marie?

  1. Everybody check – your name may be on the CPC donor list!

    • I’m sure Stevie Maher will be calling them if they are. Seems kinda creepy that a “journalist” would be calling private citizens and asking them if they donated to a particular political party. But creepy seems to define the left in Canada these days.

  2. LOL, when “Rocco” the Quebec construction guy and “Italio” the Perfectly Legitimate Montreal Businessman are your “sources” for financial irregularities in politics your story isn’t going to resonate with anyone. McMaher #fail.

  3. pj o’rourke ~ When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators

    Colour me surprised that a bunch of italian guys in construction business might be involved in shady business, who knew? Yes, I too ‘wonder’ what is going on in Quebec.

    cbc ~ sept 2012
    First came names and today a Quebec corruption inquiry watched video of construction bosses handing over cash to Mafia chieftains at a notorious Sicilian Mafia hangout in Montreal. A few of the construction magnates head up companies that have received, between them, hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts from municipal governments.

    • Your reading comprehension is abysmal.

  4. Yawn. More suggestions that the last couple elections were rigged. And no one will care. Canada is a funny country. When the Republicans try to rig elections via vote suppression people get up in arms and fight back. In Canada… a couple articles in the Post and maybe a Facebook group with a few hundred members.

  5. The fund-raiser interviewed seems to imply that the people who claimed they didn’t donate forgot about attending a $1000/plate dinner. That would be a difficult dinner to forget, IMO.

  6. They’re going to find this in a lot of ridings if they look. Or do people really believe the ‘fund-raising wonder’ of the Con party is legit?

      • Eventually you’ll catch up.

        • Oh, I’m caught up. Maher was forced to write a complete retraction of his lies. And that’s the end of the “story”.

          • Is the retraction online? ‘Cause the original story is still there, with no update or retraction.

          • That’s not a retraction, that’s a whole new story with updated information related to the first story.

            Nowhere in the second story does he retract anything he said in the first story.

            As for the second story it does have some interesting updates. Of the 11 donations that donors have said they never made, the Tories have produced copies of cheques related to 7 of them, and 3 of the 11 people from the first story now say that they remember making donations. That’s good news for the Tories. However, even if that second story had been a retraction, which it TOTALLY wasn’t, it was nevertheless by no possible definition a “complete retraction”. At best, the second story explains away 64% of the accusations from the first story. However, many might argue that the second story only explains away 27% of the first story, until we hear the other 7 people who said that they never made donations to the Tories come out and say that they remember writing those $1000 cheques now.

            All that said, this could turn in to a great story for the Tories. Clearly the economy is doing amazingly well under Stephen Harper’s leadership if so many people who don’t support the Tories politically can write $1000 cheques to the Tories and then totally forget that they did it!

          • Eventually you’ll catch up….but not yet.

  7. a group of donations of $666.66, totalling $99,999

    LOL. That’s just LAZY.

    If you’re going to try to pull a fast one, you deserve to get caught if you make it so transparent.

  8. Hmmmm, remember when it seemed like if the CPC got rid of the per vote subsidy they would have to increase the donation limit? How naive we were.

  9. Although with the Cons…666 seems about right.