When Canada tweeted about the failures of #Ottawapiskat - Macleans.ca

When Canada tweeted about the failures of #Ottawapiskat

Satirical tweets about aboriginal relations trend across the country



When Canada tweeted about the failures of #Ottawapiskat

  1. Funny and accurate….finally the blame is where it belongs. Harp’s ‘Indian uprising’ is Harp’s doing.

    • EmilyOne, please do tell us what your twitter account name is. I would love to know how your style of humour comes across. In fact, I’m thinking that many here on Macleans comment boards would like to know. :)

    • If your cable went out or your dog sh-t the rug you would blame Harper Ms.Partisan Tool

      • Harper tossed Kelowna, and arbitrarily cut funding and groups and agreements…..were you planning on blaming elves?

  2. I have to admit that the anti-Harper crowd is a savvy bunch. And hey, some comments are clever and cleverly painted. What else must be delivered when The Party must go on. This continuous Harper-Hate-Fest-Festival is a hoot!

    But forgive me folk, if I’m not ready to drown within a one-sound-bite reality just yet. Some of us must remain sober enough for when the time comes to throw this savvy bunch a life line!

  3. The painting could be an altered version of one of Lucien Freud’s painting. Does anyone know?

  4. Very clever people! Luckily enough, taxpayers of Canada can unite and turf the scoundrels from office for their transgressions. Tragically, we have no similar option for scoundrels such as Chief Spence!