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When keeping it partisan goes wrong


A pair of missives from Julian Fantino have apparently been pulled off the CIDA website on account of the partisan sentiments expressed therein.

The note directed at the NDP appears to have been the op-ed Mr. Fantino wrote for the Huffington Post in December. The other appears to be this op-ed from the National Post.

This is not the first time this issue of using official channels to attack partisan opponents has come up: there was this in 2010 and these in 2009 and this in 2007.

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When keeping it partisan goes wrong

  1. just the conservatives cheatin again and can the ndp be far behind.

  2. Fantino was a bucket of steaming hot FAIL back when he was police chief in London, and he’s been failing upward ever since.

    • He’s progressed from slow-learner to no-learner. Throughout his career, he’s been a plodding, methodical performer who is hyper-defensive and apparently totally bereft of humour.

      Are there any pictures in the public domain of him actually smiling…anywhere…ever?

      • If people don’t smile a lot in public, it means they’re evil and incompetent.

        • Evil and incompetent?

          That’s an inference that you might make from such non-verbal communication but I wouldn’t. Bad teeth, maybe, or perhaps even Bell’s palsy.

          Or, having watched this man’s public career over many years in a variety of roles and circumstances, one could intuitively conclude it means they’re brittle, defensive, and humourless, perhaps with a trace of self-righteous arrogance.

          Given the obvious ambiguity of all such behavioural communication, a little self-deprecating mirth or occasional demonstration of a sense of humour can go a long way to “humanizing” one’s image.

  3. Pretty typical stuff from the Angry White Male party. Does anyone actually expect better?

    • Not only do we not expect it, but we also don’t demand it very well either. On and on it goes, and then fewer of us bother to vote next time out.

    • The expression “Angry White Male party” manages to combine racist and sexist speech while adding no logical input to the discussion.

      • Nonsense. Rona Ambrose, Diane Finlay, etc. are all Angry White Males. They’re just in denial about being male.
        No woman has actually ever voted Conservative, ever.
        I’m not making this stuff up.

      • Wait. Are you saying soundbites and childish namecalling are NOT an adequate replacement for thoughtful, logical discourse? You better send that memo to the PMO and to CPC hq.

        • You apparently agree, then, that the use of “Angry White Male party” falls in the category of soundbites and childish namecalling.

          • I agree that it is in perfect alignment with the tone that the cons themselves have worked so hard to establish over the last decade or so. Yet somehow you seem disappointed or upset.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • “intelligent thought isn’t your forte”

        Then I guess you two have a level playing field :-)

  4. Fantino and Harper would love it if they could just shut down all opposition, they both prefer the emperor with no clothes style governance. Why would you want anyone pointing out all of your mistakes (and there are a lot of them). Harpocracy #4 Rules don’t matter for the law and order party.

  5. Actually most government web sites are now full of conservative advertizing, etc. There has been and there is an enormous amount of money and bureaucrats’ time spent on changing websites to add more blue and make it more conservative party friendly. There is more and more PMO/PCO input in all websites/communications. I wish someone looked at the whole thing and tried to estimate the hidden costs, to us taxpayers, of all this garbage which does not benefit Canadians one bit. All those expenses should be charged to the conservative party. I can’t wait for a federal organization like there is in Ontario that reviews government advertizing to ensure it is not partisan.

    • Completely agree: In SK, our current conservative government quietly changed our province’s logo — now it complements their branded SaskParty logo in colours, shape, etc. This after a public hissyfit when they suggested changing it a few years ago. We all pay but it’s not for public good. Should also mention: they used the SK Roughrider colours for their party logo too.

    • Yes, communications strategy was invented by the CPC. Before the CPC, the government never informed citizens of what the government was actually up to.

      • Thanks for the knee-slapper Rick. Do you have a live venue for your stand-up routine?

      • Indeed…yet another example of the Cons outdoing exactly what they rode into Ottawa to eliminate.

        • Right, because the CPC came to Ottawa promising to never communicate with the Canadian public.

          • It’s a shame they didn’t make that promise, because it seems the only way they can avoid lying is to keep their mouths shut.

            They certainly spewed a pile of platitudes about putting an end to the Libs’ abuse of taxpayers’ money, on top of all their lies about transparency and accountability.

  6. Wasn`t Fantino simply responding to a couple of critiques from the NDP and Liberals concerning the work of CIDA ?
    The partisan jabs he took at the opposition concerning their lack of credibility to be giving advice of an economic nature to other countries, appear to be milder then the original slams taken at the government support of CIDA.
    I suppose the political correct thing to do would have been to take it off the website, but I would have left it up there for a few more weeks.

    • The correct thing to do would be to respond in substance to the issue at hand (i.e. leave out the carbon tax non sequitur) in an appropriate forum. That could be with his own letter to the editor of a newspaper, in answer to questions in the House of Commons or failing either of those opportunities on his own damn web site paid for with the truckloads of $ donated to the Conservative Party of Canada. The point isn’t how stupidly partisan his comments were, the point is that he made those stupidly partisan comments using resources and property paid for by all of us to represent all of us.

    • If they want to use publicly-funded government agency websites as venues for their partisan propaganda, they should damn’ well pay for the space themselves, or give the opposition parties equal space on those sites.

      Democracy is such an annoying inconvenience for these parasites.