When two Canadian political powerhouses left their jobs

Twitter was stunned.


Mark Carney (left): AP/Lefteris Pitarakis; Rob Ford: CP/Christopher Drost

Just like that, arguably the most trusted and least trusted Canadian political figures left jobs that thrust them onto the national stage. Almost at the same time, Rob Ford was booted from the mayor’s office in Toronto and news broke that Mark Carney took a job as Governor of the Bank of England. The internet reacted with seeming disbelief, either to Ford, or Carney, or both. We’ll have much more of that reaction shortly, but suffice to say, the news rocked many of our Twitter feeds.

When two political powerhouses left their jobs

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Woah.Matt Hartley
Holy shit.Tabatha Southey
Whoa.Karen K. Ho

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When two Canadian political powerhouses left their jobs

  1. Canada’s journos are earning their salaries with those reactions – I feel more informed already.

    Where are the SNOOTS and can we have ruling on whoa v woah?

  2. I wonder why rich people are so hostile to toll roads. Ontario and BC need 3 down football at the younger levels. The 4 down game is like watching rugby. Harris and Cornish didn’t come from BC or Ontario. Going down for football corruption isn’t such a spicy meat-a-ball. At least Toronto doesn’t want to be the Soviet Union like Quebec.

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