Where are the documents?


On April 14, midway through the election campaign, the two judges involved in the review of Afghan detainee documents wrote to Messrs Harper, Ignatieff and Duceppe to explain that nothing could be released because the House had been dissolved and, thus, the ad hoc committee of MPs no longer existed. Both the Conservative and Liberal sides expressed their desire to see documents released, but nothing more came of it.

On May 6, four days after the vote, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that the government supported the release of the judges’ report.

On May 17, John Baird, at that time still the government House leader, stated that a number of documents “should be able to be tabled in short order.”

The 41st Parliament was opened on June 3 and has now conducted nine days of business. Nothing has been tabled. In response to questions about when something might be tabled, the Prime Minister’s Office says that the “government will honour its commitment to table the report.”

Assuming the House must be in session for anything to be tabled, there are four days next week to do this before the House breaks for the summer, not due to return until Sept. 19.


Where are the documents?

  1. “If people don’t know what you’re doing, they don’t know what you’re doing wrong.”  


    “Government is about principles. And the principle is, never act on principle.”

    Sir Humphrey

  2. Ahhh Wherry, you’re always such an optimist.  :-)

  3. You people lost. This is a consequence of losing. Live with it.

      • No no, the Liberals actually LOST the last election.  Badly too.

        • Is there a mandatory minimum? A time when the sentence ends? Because you have to stop living in the past. You can see then, but you can’t see now.

        • What does this have to do with Liberals? If you must be partisan, it was the NDP that first raised the detainee issue, and it was the NDP that refused to go along with the three party information prevention committee.

      • Well either the govt does something about it or the ICC will…Harper can take his choice.

    • The PM should be honest when making public statements regarding the intentions of the government. Is that really too much to expect? Sigh.

      • Or at least lay off the judges.

    • Actually the speaker ruled that Parliament, Parliament…not just the LPC or the govt is supreme, and can see whatever it bloody well wants. That ruling is still in effect, and it is i believe still possible to revisit it…so why don’t you live with that, if you can AVR, that well known democrat?

    • “You people lost. This is a consequence of losing. Live with it”

      The stupid burns my eyes.

  4. Meanwhile we’re dropping bombs on Libya promoting democracy and the rule of law.  Canadian values are now an export.

    • Guess I misunderstood … weren’t we told that it was freedoms we were dropping
      on them ? Expensive and smart ones that can tell the difference between the good
      guys and the bad guys ?

      • Apparently they haven’t yet invented a bomb that’s smart enough to tell, or apologize for the error.

  5. Paging Julian Assange.

  6. Y’all were cool with the delaying tactics Speaker Milliken threw out way back when.  Rather than follow the rules / conventions and allow the motion on contempt as soon as he found a prima facie case, he wiggled and weasled and — whoops — here we are with a new Parliament, one that will not be nearly so earnest in moving along this file.  Or in finding the government in contempt.

    And they preferred to call Milliken’s weasel-job a great day for Parliamentary supremacy, and for democracy.  Second thoughts, anyone?

    • It wasn’t Milliken who hatched this deal. I decried it at the time.

    • Actually, I decried the delaying tactics the day they were announced.  But, agreed, most people thought this farce was a good idea.

  7. This just in – 25,000 documents will be released on Wednesday, the day before parliament shuts down for the summer.  Well played, Steve, as usual.

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