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Where are they now? Saulie Zajdel

The former Conservative candidate is arrested in Montreal


Defeated in the 2011 election as a Conservative candidate, Saulie Zajdel was later found to be working in Montreal for the federal government. In response to an order paper question, James Moore confirmed that Mr. Zajdel was a “regional advisor to the Minister of Canadian Heritage in the minister’s regional office in Montreal, and an exempt staff member.” More about Mr. Zajdel’s situation was explained last spring before Mr. Zajdel resigned, saying that he did not want to be a distraction.

This morning, Mr. Zajdel was arrested by Quebec’s anti-corruption unit, alongside the mayor of Montreal.


Where are they now? Saulie Zajdel

  1. ” …. Mr. Zajdel was arrested by Quebec’s anti-corruption unit ….”

    Hunter Thompson – In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.

  2. Maybe those commenters who’ve been trying to colour Montreal corruption in Liberal red will put a sock in it for a while.

  3. Since Quebec’s anti-corruption unit seems to be getting results, maybe they could expand their operations to all of Canada; robocalls, illegal cheques to senators, etc, etc.

  4. Boy oh boy, our resident CPC boosters are gonna be some pissed off when they hear about this! They haven’t heard about it yet because they can’t hear anything above the sound of their own shrieking. They are outraged that Justin Trudeau was caught robbing little old ladies of their life savings… with an illegal handgun… while skipping a vote in the House of Commons… and surfing child porn… and expensing crack cocaine. Or something like that…

  5. I’ve got to say this. I’ve known Saulie for 25 years, since I was a kid, and have seen him work tirelessly not only for his constituency in general, but specifically for anyone and everyone who has ever needed his services. I believe, from what has emerged, that this is a clear case of selective prosecution, and most undeservedly. He’s a tremendous person, as are his entire family, and no one wins from this kind of prosecution. He’s a uniquely able and caring individual and that’s an understatement. He’s popular for a good reason, in his case many good reasons.

    • You should make it clear that while he was a pissant local councilour in the past, currently HE HAS NO CONSTITUENCY. The voters preferred Irwin Cotler. Then the CPC gave him a six figure job to do nobody knows what exactly.

    • As Irwin Cotler himself said today, Mr. Zajdel is entitled to the presumption of innocence on this criminal matter. I agree with that. What I do not approve of, however, is the way the CPC campaign in Mount Royal, was caught making fake robocalls into Mount Royal about Irwin Cotler after the 2011 election telling voters that he was retiring & that there would be a by-election. It was totally false & the Speaker of the House of Commons had to call out the Conservative for it. Sleazy tactics were used by Mr. Zajdel’s friends in the CPC, and he doesn’t seem to have done anything to stop it at the time.

    • Sounds like he got mixed up with the wrong crowd. And by wrong crowd I mean the Harper Cons.

  6. Sounds like the perfect Conservative Senator. He hits all the right notes:

    1. Patronage appointment – already has experience in this when given a government job working for Moore after running and failing as a candidate.
    2. Arrested for corruption – he didn’t plead guilty to election fraud like Irving Gerstein and Doug Finley, but being arrested for corruption is a step in the right direction.
    3. Failed candidate – Has been rejected by the voters. This is practically a qualification for Conservative Senate appointment by Stephen Harper.
    4. Mysterious job description – No one knows what he did in his government job while working for Moore, and the Conservatives won’t tell us. We’re only entitled to pay his salary, not know what his job entailed. The Senate has a similar mysterious function and no one can really explain its value or usefulness either.

    He’s perfect. Put him in there.