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Where in the world is Mike Duffy?

‘Canadians have a right to know all the facts,’ the Senator said last week, ‘in the right place and time.’ Where to now?


At about 20 minutes to seven, the chair of the Senate’s standing committee on internal economy, budgets and administration called this “highly unusual” public meeting to order and the photographers and cameramen who had waited hours for a shot of the star witness were compelled to exit the room without an image of Senator Michael Duffy, independent, of Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.

The committee nonetheless proceeded with its investigation of Mike Duffy’s whereabouts, beginning, in this case, with whether or not it should have been expected that Mr. Duffy would be here now, in this committee room in the basement of Parliament’s Centre Block, seated in one of these charcoal grey swivel chairs.

“I don’t see Senator Duffy in the room,” Liberal Senator George Furey observed, “and, for the record, has Senator Duffy been notified of the time and place of this meeting and has there been any response from him or his solicitor?”

The chair, Conservative Senator David Tkachuk, called on the committee’s legal counsel to explain.

“I spoke to his legal counsel to inform him of the meeting taking place tonight after the Senate rises,” the counsel counselled, “and there was further communication late this afternoon asking for information in terms of where the meeting is going to take place.”

Senator Furey asked the legal counsel to repeat that last bit.

“There was a further communication this afternoon,” the counsel clarified. “Senator Duffy has written to the chair and the chair referred the email to the clerk of the committee and the clerk of the committee replied to Senator Duffy’s email.”

After some further fussing over the details of this back and forth, Senator Tkachuk noted that it was Senator Duffy who had publicly asked for a public forum. “And we are providing it here today if he wants it,” he explained.

Indeed, just outside this place just four days ago, Mr. Duffy had seemed eager to explain himself.

“I think Canadians have a right to know all the facts, and I’m quite prepared, in the right place and time, to give them the whole story,” he told reporters. “There are bits and pieces out there. It should all be put together in one place, and there will be some place to do that.”

Alas, this was apparently neither the right place, nor the right time.

The committee moved to a review of the findings of Mr. Duffy’s previous whereabouts and expenses. Questions and concerns specific to his whereabouts during the spring of 2011 were raised. A motion to refer this matter to the authorities was proposed and haggled over and amended and passed. A 15-minute break was then had, after which the committee unanimously agreed that the report on Mr. Duffy should include the bits that had been edited out from the original draft. And with that the committee concluded its business for the evening.

The search for something like a full accounting of whatever it is has occurred here continues.


Where in the world is Mike Duffy?

  1. Liberals had to get them to add the $90,000 payment to the RCMP request – Cons wanted to restrict it to the false claimed expenses. I wonder if the cameras hadn’t been present, the outcome would have been different. Olsen seems like a bit of a dim bulb – hard to believe she was a key staffer of Harper’s.

    • For those Liebrals and Dippers cheering… Prime Minister Stephen Harper will no longer be able to address issues surrounding Nigel Wright in Question Period.

      • For those Conbots cheering, this should all come out in a court case about 2 & a bit years from now.

        • Good timing. :-)

      • There seems no alternative to turning it over to the cops. The government won’t allow the ethics committee to look into it and the ethics watchdogs are toothless. Harper can still be asked questions – he never answers them anyway.

    • Harper values loyalty over brains. In fact, the dumber, the better.

      • all political parties need useful idiots in the hunt for government cheques.

        their want is what makes them useful.

  2. So, what, now duffy is AWOL?

    • He’s probably been told by his lawyers to keep his mouth tightly shut. This will give him time to get a start on his book…

      • Maybe another cheque was cut for him shortly before the hearing.

        • “For God’s sake give him cash this time, you idiots!”

      • Ooooooh! Is gonna be a book about hockey????

        • Only if he can get a ghost writer, like Harpo ! You should see Harpo skate. But you never will. Because he can’t.

          • I’ve seen him on ice in cheese cutters, scoots along pretty well for his age.

      • Maybe his lawyer – but we hear about a lot of people who are keeping their mouth shut these days : persons who were engaged in a trench war and refused to cooperate with the federal court in the robocalls, people who didn’t show up to meet with Elections Canada again on robocalls, Duffy doesn’t show up…
        I guess they all have the same lawyer!

        • Maybe it’s time Canadians started taking matters into their own hands?

          • I hope disgusted Canadians will get active with their local riding associations and make things different from the grass roots up.

  3. So much for going easy on him, I guess.

  4. NOW he’s probably at his cottage on PEI

    Ummm without Carmen Sandiego of course.

  5. Such a pile on for some pretty minor missteps. Canadians must be bored.

    • LOL thats lame, even for a Con

    • Ethical conduct is boring?
      But I thought this government was going to clear up corruption?
      Did it only matter when they were in opposition?
      Isn’t that hypocrisy?

      • How dare you peons irritate the Harpercrits with such minor annoyances like Democracy.

    • Oh no you can amuse the crowd with much less, a receipt for pack of gum, in fact a receipt that doesn’t exist, for example.

    • This scandal is anything, but boring. Many a thriller writher, filmmaker would love to be able to adept this, once it all comes to light. Hell, there’s already more twists and turns than any given John Grisham story. If it gets turned into a movie, maybe Anthony Hopkins can play duffy.

      • Lord knows it won’t be a Canadian production since cons have moved to thwart any film industry we have here. I think the best-funded video this year would be Crackstarter: The Rob Ford Story.

      • PMSH insists the cheque didn’t come from the Office of the PM…so I’m imagining Duffy puffing along on Nigel Wright’s early morning jog when the cheque was apparently given to him. “It’s clear …” in the film.

  6. This guy Duffy is without principles . He is putting the P.M. the guy who appointed that weasel deeper and deeper in this mess. Anyone with an honorable bone in his body would quit. His greed is beyond the pale and there is one thing must come out of this a system to kick weasels like this out of the senate without compensation. He is probably sitting at home saying THHATS ALL FOLKS

    • The weasel appointer is next.

    • I think harpo knew fully what duffy was like. It’s not like duffy is the only harp appointee to go corrupt. Seems to happen more often than not.

      • I think Harper set out to use the senate as a personal PR machine, with Duffy, Wallin, Lemers and even Brazeau — all high profile people who harper felt would be popular with key constituencies. And you know what else? I kind of think Harper told Duffy, Wallin, etc that they could get rich stumping for the CPC on the taxpayer dime.

        Harper is in this up to his neck, but if his minions all want to believe in him, then go right ahead.

        • They can follow harpo right into jail, as far as I’m conserned.

  7. It’s really a shame that this is all unspooling while 22 Minutes and The Mercer Report are in production hiatus.

  8. First of all political indiscretion is not party specific. NDP, Liberal, Conservative are equally guilty. I seem to recall Chretien being in some hot water. If everyone is naïve to think Senators and MP’s (from all parties) haven’t been abusing this privilege for years you’re mistaken. The alternative would be to compensate them better, anyone willing to agree to that? Perhaps we should make it harder for good people willing to commit to public service by denying them compensation? What Duffy did was wrong. But painting everyone with the same brush is wrong, and reacting such that the alternative is no one would want the job doesn’t work either.

  9. Harper will shutdown this discussion by proroguing parliament, just like he did twice before.
    Puffy Duffy will go down in history for initiating the downfall and possible abolition of our Canadian Senate.

  10. Considering the fact that Revenue Canada can peer into any bank account, just by telling the bank they are investigating that account holder. So if they decide to do that they can find the paper trail, of how the money was transferred around.

  11. Who really gives a flying fart where that tub of guts is? So long as it’s not on our dime.