Where is our GPS?


Glen Pearson goes on the television.

I was pulled out of the Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday to appear on “Politics” with Don Newman. The subject was Rwanda and the recent CIDA cut of humanitarian dollars to that troubled nation. I respect Newman more than most because he’s nobody’s fool, seasoned and incisive. 

But when I got to the Parliamentary Rotunda for the interview, I was told the session would last only four minutes and that I was to be on with Jim Abbott, Parliamentary Secretary for CIDA. I like Abbot well enough but I instantly knew there would be no time to really get to the nub of the issue. And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. There was only time for three questions – the first and last to Abbot, with my response sandwiched in the middle. Abbott did what he was supposed to do – spout the government line – and at the end of the interview people were more confused than ever.


Where is our GPS?

  1. I watched that bushwhack!
    Abbott tried to suggest throughout the interview that funding going to UNESCO from the Canadian government would more than cover the phasing out of the Africa funding.
    I guess we have a choice – regular and partisan bushwhacking a la Mike Duffy or bashwhacking by default by Newman not having blocking mikes for people like Abbott who talk over others in a situation where the facilitator is trying to give people equal speaking time.

    It was even more obvious later – going the other way when Mr. Beer and Popcorn was trying to talk over Brad Lavigne!

    • I dunno about Newman. He did a puffball interview yesterday with Kenny on the Galloway ban that was so lightweight it was like he was channeling Mike Duffy.

      • When Senators Duffy and Wallin appeared on Newman’s show, there was a lot of joking around about getting Newman into the Senate!!

  2. Newman in the Senate now there;s a thought : Welocme to the SEEEENNNNNnnnate

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