Where the heck is Inkless?


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Where the heck is Inkless?

  1. Harper “had a difficult night?????”


    I’m not sure what debate you were watching,

    but even ti-guy was dejected.

    Paul Wells,

    officially more partisan than ti-guy.


  2. “Paul,
    I’m not sure what debate you were watching,
    but even ti-guy was dejected.
    Paul Wells,
    officially more partisan than ti-guy.

    Bloody hell Kody. Wells has not, in all the time that I’ve been reading him, shown himself to be partisan towards anybody. Just because Harper had a bad night, doesn’t mean Dion had a good one.

    Instead the night belonged mostly to May. So unless you’re accusing Wells of being a Green Party partisan, well, then you’re really reaching here.

    Seriously, have you ever read anything Wells writes? He hates Dion.

  3. Kody’s on the team, Pete. Pay him no mind. I don’t.

  4. Mae had a great night. Fantastic, where is she going to draw the votes from? Not from the Tories as far as I can see. So that must be from the Liberals or NDP which means a 3 way split on the left which means Tory wins in the close ridings. Or am I completly wet on all this.

  5. I always knew Wells was a closet Greenie! Suddenly everything falls into place!

    (Next up: a shocking expose on Andrew Coyne as New Democrat.)

  6. Instead the night belonged mostly to May.

    What?! Layton, yes. May? Not even close.

    She sounded like Edith from Archie Bunker, constantly screeching in the background. Annoying as..

  7. May will enjoy a Palinesque honeymoon with some pundits and many voters who haven’t heard her before or much of her before.

    While I’m not surprised that AC indicated on the At Issue panel that he thought overall she won (in terms of putting forward or advancing the party’s agenda) I thought Chantal Hebert was a bit more reflective along my way of thinking. She’s perfected the art of criticism of Harper, and has mastered the soundbite, but the novelty soon wears off, and she tends to grate on you over time.

    But, for the sake of her core supporters, and other undecideds, she performed well, and deserved to be there – I agree with that part.

  8. To give some serious feedback, I actually was impressed with May. I think that she’s adopted a rhetorically indefensible platform but she did as well as anybody could trying to defend it. I was, frankly, expecting her to be as crazy in the debates as she can sometimes be in other media, and she just wasn’t.

    Now, her Harper-bashing was pretty hysterical – in every meaning of the word, and I’m reminded of the French debate when her idea of saying something nice about Harper was something like “he’s a good father when he’s not choking all of our children to death with his anti-ecological fascism”. Dion, Layton, and Duceppe at least managed to attack the policies rather than the man. Otherwise, though, good job for May.

  9. “Kody’s on the team”


    you need to post another instant poll that shows everyone unanimously hates every word uttered by Harper.

    The members of your “team” would appreciate it.

  10. May and Layton gained the most. I thought Dion was fine, but failed in his task, fend off Layton.

    My opinion is that the Liberal vote will collapse further. I still think Harper only needs 38%, Chretien like pop vote numbers, to win his majority due to split opposition.

    Lots arrayed against him getting that though.

    I thought his crime and arts stuff likely locked in the 519 and 905 leads and the crime answers might actually have got him votes in 416, depends on the riding. others can speak to Vancouver.

    But Harper was somnabulent for the first 30 minutes, letting himself be a speedbag. However, when he woke up, it wasnt Mr Mean but Mr Pedantic, which actually works for him.

    Why they let Duceppe in the English debates is beyond me, smart guy but just t*ts on a bull as far as these debates go.

    I suspect Dion is regretting having Lizzie in the debate. And I suspect the Liberal braintrust is having another regret at voting in Dion and then listening to him about letting Lizzie into the debate.

    Question is, will Lizzie succeed in her quest to gain honour for ex PC’s and slay Peter Mackay?

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