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Where the votes were


Working with the rebate threshold, Alice Funke tallies the number of ridings in which each party received at least 10% of the vote. Those totals are as follows, with changes from 2008 in brackets.

NDP 306 (+63)
Conservatives 283 (-15)
Liberals 217 (-52)
Bloc Quebecois 65 (-6)
Greens 8 (-34)

Alice also busts a few myths while she’s at it.


Where the votes were

  1. Is there a list showing the ridngs where candidates got at least 50% of the vote?

    • A most excellent question.

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  3. I kind of like the lost tidings part.

  4. This is an interesting graphic in today's G&M showing where the parties gained/lost votes by province. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/how-

    Here's what I mentioned a couple of times that I find interesting. Where the Blue-Greens went – especially of note :Ontario.

    If I'm reading the graphics correctly, the GPC lost 361,392 votes nationally, and of that 55.5% were in Ontario (say 200,000). Now, since May took over the GPC IN 2006 has noticeably moved to the left from where Jim Harris (a former PC) had centred it. It has taken on a more orange(NDP) tinge – with a few scattered reds and blues mixed in – kinda like a fruitcake). The lefties in Ontario probably stuck with the GPC – and I suspect most of the Blue-Greens held their noses and went Conservative.

    Once the per vote subsidy is nixed, the GPC will be left with a large rump of support on the west coast, and not much else. Reminds me of the Ross Perot campaign for 1992. What did James Carville call it?

    • Last election, Elizabeth May ran in London North, and did well. Perhaps the fact that she was visible in Ontario had something to do with the percentage then, and the decline now.

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  6. Am I reading this right- there were 25 ridings where the Conservatives got less than 10% of the vote? That is surprising at first glance no?

    • I wouldn’t think so – where they’re hated, they’re really hated.


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  8. If you figure that the Conservatives probably gained less than 10% of votes in most ridings in Quebec, this sounds about right. Take Quebec out the equation (and I’m not advocation Separation) and the Conservatives are on par with the NDP.

  9. At this rate, the whole country will be soon voting NDP. . . ..:)

  10. I hope I don’t break the comments section here, but I’m operating under the assumption I press a wrong button at some point. Topic wise, that Liberal number is pretty stunning, even though it probably shouldn;t be