Where’s the report?


Stephen Maher wonders where the G8 Legacy Fund paper trail is.

FedNor official Tom Dodds “noted that FedNor is going to evaluate all projects applying basic tourism principles and provide a recommendation in a report for March 30.” This is the way things are supposed to work. Municipalities make submissions. Officials consider those submissions, apply criteria, and select projects. So when the auditor general later reviewed the fund, auditors were surprised to find there was no paperwork showing how projects were selected. Where’s Dodds’ report?


Where’s the report?

  1. Surely the lack of paperwork is evidence of Clement/mayors conspiracy to conceal what they were doing?  Clement is malevolent goblin who deserves a cock punch. 

  2. Good column by Maher. The take away is that it’s not just about how stupid, parochial and probably illegal Clement’s pet projects were. It’s about how he remains in office as the person who is supposed to be in charge of the processes to prevent stupid, parochial and probably illegal funding of Ministers’ pet projects.

  3. Oh Lordy.  I strongly disagreed with most of the Reform Party’s policy ideas, but I did respect them for the honesty/transparency/accountability stuff.

    So how on earth did they allow a candidate for the leadership of their combined party to donate to a different candidate for the leadership of their combined party?  This party was unaccountable before it was even formed!

  4. What I find troubling from the article is the following;
    “When Clement ran against Stephen Harper for the leadership of the newly merged Conservatives in 2004, his candidacy was useful to Harper, since it attracted support that might otherwise have gone to fellow Ontarian Belinda Stronach, Harper’s real rival. Harper’s campaign donated $10,000 to Clement’s campaign.

    In 2006, after Clement had lost two election campaigns and two leadership contests, Harper’s riding association donated $5,000 to Clement’s campaign in Parry Sound-Muskoka, which he won.”

    And these folks rail against unions???

    • Clement is a balloon clown punching bag, a useful idiot that Harper holds up in front of himself.

      • Yeah a $15,000.00 shield. Fortunately – for Harper & Clement –  Harper found a way to externalize the cost of his shield. Long live the border infrastructure fund. How much was that again? Whats it matter. Worth it at twice the price.

  5. If you’re looking for Tom Dodds’ report, ask him. He left FedNor’s export development program earlier this year for a plum job as head of economic development in Sault Ste. Marie.

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