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Which is the greater act of heroism?


John Baird and Colin Kenny trespass on Toronto airport grounds to expose security flaws.

Mark Eyking and Rodger Cuzner lead lost beaver through downtown Ottawa traffic to safety.


Which is the greater act of heroism?

  1. The question is moot. Both incidents involve legislators breaking the law.

    • How did the MPs saving the beaver break the law?

      • Jaywalking. ;-)

        • who doesn’t jay walk?

    • They didn’t break the law – Sparks street is a pedestrian street; there’s no such thing as jaywalking on that street.

  2. There’s no risk to walking down the centre of any street in Ottawa all day on a Friday!
    On the other hand – on the tarmac at Pearson – you could be run down anytime by one of the crazy baggage trains.

    • What the heck do you know about any streetr in the centre of Ottawa?> I was walking down Metcalfe today and almost got hit by a car so there.

      • You should consider using the sidewalk.

        • It was while crossing the street when the light was green. Taxi drivers…

      • Maybe someone was sending you a message?

  3. I dunno. Was anybody at Pearson growling and smacking their tail on the pavement?

  4. Ahhhh. It’s just another night in Cape Breton. I’ll resist the urge to go beyond that.

  5. I’d have to give the nod to the beaver-savers. It just goes to show, Liberals can be good for something.

    It’s quite a nice thing that there are beavers in Ottawa, I’ve seen some myself in the Rideau River.

    • sf = (s)cott (f)eschuk ?

      • Ha! Now that would be psychologically interesting.

        • And yet, completely inaccurate.

          • Yes, well, that’s never stopped me before.

  6. All that trouble to save this beaver, whereas where I come from they are nuisance animals who periodically get hunted for the bounty on their tails. They don’t taste very good either.

    • Where are you from? Tierra del Fuego?

  7. I love those 2 MPs by the by, they are wicked in the House and I can totally see them going down a downtown Ottawa street after a night at the pubs (probably Darcys if it was Wednesday).

  8. They deserve a medal :) The beaver savers that is….

  9. Two Liberal MP`s are sauntering home one night and they trip over a lost rodent, so what do they do?————-they call 911——great judgement——-I don`t think these guys are ready to govern.

    • Yeah, they should have just shot it, butchered it, and given the meat to the poor.

  10. Looks like the prude police covered my comment.

    • Dot dashed.

      • ‘ ‘ [ditto]

  11. Picturing John Baird as Agent 007 super sleuth is more than I can handle. Ah, like his face wouldn’t be totally recognizable – the flared nostrils, the teeth.

    My vote is for the beavers – who also have big front teeth, but they are workers and rhetoric shouting drama queens.

    • Whoops meant to say NOT RHETORIC shouting…..

  12. There are some very bad puns that could be made… I”m restraining myself.