Is Canada-European free trade in trouble? -

Is Canada-European free trade in trouble?

… this question and more answered on this week’s edition of Maclean’s View from the Hill


On this week’s edition of Maclean’s View from the Hill, Michael Petrou, Paul Wells and Nick Taylor-Vaisey consider the questions of the day:

1. What’s the significance of Tzipi Livni’s appointment as Israeli justice minister?

2. Which of Harper’s cabinet ministers is best at earning press?

3. Is Canada-European free trade in trouble?

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Is Canada-European free trade in trouble?

  1. Canada-EU deal in trouble? Probably not.

    They leave all the toughest stuff until the end…..which is now.

    And then there’s all the chest-beating, table-thumping, cock-strutting, rooster-crowing, warrior-dancing-around-the-sacred-campfire etc to go through first before the damned thing finally gets signed.

    But…. Harper needs a signature….and so does the EU.

  2. Europe is home to the largest multinational water corporations in the world, and that there are provisions in the agreement to privatize our water! Imagine having huge multinational water corporations owning and being allowed access to our water.

    • They said that about the FTA and NAFTA. Thanks for showing up Maude.

      • Yeah, but Maude is the co-chair for the Campaign for a UN Parliament. The UN wants a say on water as well. I don’t know which is worse. A private water company demanding payment or an international organization determined to spread the wealth by demanding that countries with too much water pay poorer countries a reparation. Whichever way, it will cost us money.

        • OMG….we can’t have that. Let the buggers die of thirst!

          • I didn’t say that did I?

          • ‘Whichever way, it will cost us money.’

            Cons never want to spend a nickel, and ‘debt’ is apparently evil.

          • I suppose you are going to max out your credit cards then?

          • People, kings, churches, countries have carried debt for thousands of years….it’s part of the economy.

            Previous to that we had barter….and it’s always hard to make change for a goat.

          • You didn’t answer my question but that’s okay. Continue to live in your own little universe.

          • It’s what I do for a living dude….so spare me the sexism and the patronizing. You know zik all about economics.

          • Hahahahahah! I’m not a dude. So spare me your withering glances.

          • You’re not intelligent either….

          • Why because I disagree with your witless wanderings? We cannot sustain the spending governments are doing around the world. I predicted this ten years ago. When the majority of the population is earning barely above minimum wage, you can’t possibly maintain a civil service earning twice that amount per person. Simple math. There comes a point when the earnings of the civil service basically get taxed back to the government and redistributed as earnings again. There is no growth. And that’s where we are at. Yes, all governments borrow but we are into the dead zone now.

  3. Granted JB’s got some pretty good press lately – he can be a fun guy.

    But he continues to say astonishingly ignorant and patently absurd things as well.
    I don’t believe he’s yet paid a price for his comments on the religious rights office – to the effect that 6 million Jews died simply because of their faith. No they didn’t. They died simply because they were Jewish … their race… As did Slavs, gypsies and other so called sub – humans. What of the Christians , the atheists , the homosexuals who also died for reasons other than faith mr B?
    This office may or may not be good politics for Harper? It may be well intentioned. But it is too broad and even contradictory in nature – is Scientology a cult or a religion?
    It’s a dumb idea and a waste of money. Just commit to defending a universal right to free speech and freedom of conscience…oh wait. We already do that. No votes for Kenney to troll for there in the immigrant community I guess. If only only we had a charter and promoted its values abroad; or observed its anniversaries here at home even!

    • Consequences? For the Harper Conservatives? Jeez, why do you think they got rid of per vote subsidies and went with bad-policy fundraisers like abolishing the gun registry?

      • Yeah. Thinking there might be consequences for these cons just because liberals know they would be bothered by doubts or even a bad conscience for behaving in a similarly partisan, populist good politics, crappy policy ways,is a perennial trip down loser lane for us. We think principles matter; they think they only matter if they advance your political goals. Otherwise they’re dead weight.