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While we wait


A former diplomat told the Afghanistan committee this week that the first officials heard of specific allegations of torture was when the Globe and Mail reported as much in April 2007.

A military official told the Military Police Complaints Commission that documents related to the handling of detainees are being stored in a shipping container in Afghanistan and may take years to locate.

And, amid new testimony gathered by the Canadian Press, the Canadian Forces is investigating whether soldiers killed an unarmed teenager—an incident raised two weeks ago during testimony at the Afghanistan committee.


While we wait

  1. … and they seem to hope/expect we believe them …

    A 'conclusive' recent statement/explanation from someone '10,000 miles away' from the war zone was to the effect …

    "The handgun with the shot teenager was not one used by our forces."
    i.e. obviously the kid was packin' and was a genuine threat !

    Who knows what the re-investigation will yield … but do emergency 'drop pieces' only exist on TV police shows?