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While you were sleeping


Two weeks ago, Human Resources Minister Diane Finley announced a policy change at 4:26pm on a Friday afternoon. Tonight, Christian Paradis made that look early with a news release issued at 11:57pm to announce that he would not approve a takeover of Progress Energy Resources by Malaysia’s Petronas.

Earlier on Friday, Mr. Paradis said he would not make an announcement until a decision was made. The conventional wisdom seems to have been that the takeover would be approved.


While you were sleeping

  1. Do they really think that announcing things at such odd hours means that people won’t notice?

    And what have the Malaysians done to offend us?

  2. I wait in breathless anticipation for Christian Paradis to give the reasons why.

    Tar sands GOOD, Natural gas BAD It’s like that asbestos thing. We know what is best for Canada. We are the champions, my friend, and we’ll keep on fighting till the end. Enbridge will be saved!

  3. But it was midday in Malaysia. Saturday, but Friday is a Muslim holiday, so maybe they were back at work.

  4. Harper pledge: “open, transparent and accountable government.” Promise made. Promise kept.

  5. Cons are trying to help owners of Canadian companies, which they aren’t, while screwing workers and shareholders – would be nice if Canada had an actual liberal party instead of the choice between socialists, fascists and conservatives that we are offered now.

    Cons are anti wealth creation, what signals are being sent to markets? Who is going to continue to invest in oil production if you are not allowed to sell, if governments can just randomly deny stockholders ability to sell and realize profits.

    And why are Cons afraid of brown people from far away lands?

  6. Are Cons trying to create another Petro-Canada but instead of a monopoly company we have monopoly country? No foreigners allowed to own oil or other primary resources –
    are Cons feeling pressure from their Calgary supporters to block foreigners or are Cons doing this on their own initiative?

    We love you Arsenal, we do,
    We love you Arsenal, we do,
    We love you Arsenal, we do,
    Oh Arsenal we love you!

  7. It could be something relatively straightforward is missing…like say an absolute commitment to build an LNG facility in Prince Rupert/Kitimat. Petronas may be promising an LNG facility if economic conditions are favorable, but the government may want a more definitive absolute commitment to the investment in an LNG terminal.

    • The government may also be demanding conditions related to aboriginal participation in the LNG facility in terms of ownership and employment.