Who gets credit for The Wave?


Ottawa Citizen. After a brief conversation, the two men turned around and went outside — apparently at Mr. Obama’s suggestion — where they waved to the crowd for a few seconds from behind a plexiglass barrier.

Globe and Mail. The 44th U.S. President arrived on snowy Parliament Hill to give a sunny wave to the thrilled crowd – urging Mr. Harper to join in – and stopped downtown to buy a BeaverTail treat six hours later on his way back to Air Force One.

Toronto Star. The much-anticipated photo-op with the two leaders almost never happened. For a few seconds, Harper seemed satisfied to shake hands with the president and pull him inside Parliament. Only when Obama insisted on extending a wave to the waiting crowd did the pair step back into the cold for their historic photos. A radio sound bite later confirmed the sequence, with Obama saying to Harper, “Do you mind if we go out there and take a quick wave at some of the people there?”

Barbara Yaffe. It was Obama, rather than the PM, who after an initial handshake in the Centre Block lobby initiated a brief stroll to the building’s entrance for an impromptu wave to an enthusiastic crowd of about 3,500 onlookers. Again, it was a broadly smiling Obama who put a hand on Harper’s shoulder, directing him back inside.

L. Ian MacDonaldGreeting Obama at the Peace Tower entrance, Stephen Harper pointed to the friendly crowd gathered on the snowy lawn below. “Why don’t we go out and take a quick look,” suggested Obama as he and the Prime Minister stepped outside for a brief wave from behind a sheet of bulletproof glass spanning a portal of the Peace Tower. 


Who gets credit for The Wave?

  1. Harper matched him wave for wave thought. Every time Obama raised his hand to wave Harper felt obligated to wave too. Watch the clips, its almost comical. Harper couldn’t look more uncomfortable if he tried. Does Haper actually think the crowed was cheering for him as well.

  2. And, in matters of equal import:

    What does each leader think about the heckuva job ol’ Chuckie’s been doing the last couple of centuries?

  3. This post perfectly captures in a nutshell what is wrong with journalism in this country. A blog posting about who gets credit for a wave.

    Coyne was right. This is beyond embarrassing. It’s a cry for help.

    • Maybe I’m a cynic but I would definitely file this under the “who gives a s**t” department.

      Coyne IS right. We are pathetic.

  4. I say Graves should get credit for the wave.

    The White House has posted on their website a picture of the wave with this caption:

    President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Graves wave from the entrance of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada on Feb. 19, 2009.

    Admittedly, the photo the WH used has only the back of Harper and Obama, so perhaps they couldn’t recognize Harper.

    • Funny, Graves! Understandable really. How can you tell fom any angle whether Harper’s alive or just pretending to be.

  5. Can poor old L. Ian not help himself?

    Now that he no longer has his gig on Senator Puffster’s nightly Con-fest I expect his hushed, conspiratorial baritone is telling anybody who will listen that it was all Harper’s idea to actually be spontanteous and smile and wave at real people.

  6. Obama’s chiropractor deserves the credit for the wave. No way he could go straight from the primaries, then the inauguration, and still have shoulder strengty lefv for Obamawa, without the aid of regular Active Release Therapy. Unless … wait a minute! Is Obama on steroids?

  7. I think macdonald’s been hanging out with the kostitsyns. Only he — and maybe wayne — would have read Harper’s body language to assume ‘Hey, the public’s outside, let’s acknowledge them like we care!’
    Get back to ghost-writing that hockey book, you hack.

  8. You missed Don Martin. He thinks the wave was Harper’s idea.
    “… to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who steered the President to wave at a rapturous crowd that had gathered on the snowy front lawn before dawn,…”

    Did we watch the same feed, Don?

    • The tape says otherwise.

  9. Well, silly as it all is – it points our how stupid and misleading our journalists are.

    L. Ian MacDonald wets his pants everytime Harper breathes – his opinions don’t count because they’re twisted to his own man-crush views.

    It doesn’t matter who’s idea it was – the fact was that NO ONE was cheering Harper. They were cheering Obama. Harper looked like an uncomfortable idiot.

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