Who gets to support the troops (II)


After the Bloc Quebecois and Elizabeth May were prevented on Wednesday from speaking on the occasion of Remembrance Day, opposition House leader Joe Comartin asked the House yesterday to allow them five minutes each to speak.

Unanimous consent was once again denied. Ms. May says it was Conservatives who objected.


Who gets to support the troops (II)

  1. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. When our MPs shake their heads, do they sound like baby rattles?

    • It’s a sad time for many Canadians. I’m not sure why the teflon isn’t starting to wear off….

  2. Joe Comartin is a class act; too bad the conservatives are monkeys.  Monkeys in charge, but nevertheless monkeys.

    • Comartin told mistruths about a sitting Supreme Court justice a class act for the purpose of mere political theatre.  A class act?  I think not.  

      • A failed cut and paste…arrgh.Comartin told mistruths about a sitting Supreme Court justice for the purpose of mere political theatre.  A class act?  I think not.

        • Tell me, what do you think Rothstein meant when in 2008 he declared

          ‘“I recognize that my not being bilingual and my being educated in a common-law jurisdiction will require a greater effort on my part to hear and decide cases argued in French and involving the civil law.”

          Did you understand that the greater effort he would put in toward hearing cases argued in French, a language he doesn’t understand or speak, involved going to the gym, taking a cooking class, attending a photography workshop? 

          I hope you would think of something along those lines cause if you think he
          meant that in order to hear cases argued in French he would learn French you would be, by your own admission, a classless theatrical person.

          • Although to Mr.Rothstein’s credit he is taking French lessons for the purpose or reading books on fine Bordeaux in the language of Molière.

          • Quebec is over-represented by 50% on the Supreme Court in proportion to their population.

            I’m willing to make a constitutional change.  A bilingual requirement for justices in return for Quebec going from 3 justices to 2, which would bring their representation on the court would reflect their share of the population. (Say make it a aboriginal slot).

            What is more important to Quebec?  3 judges intimately familiar with the civil code, or 9 justices who speak French.

            Or is it just more of the usual, we want to have our cake, and we want to eat it too.

        • Regarding your proposal, I would just like to remind you that the Constitution does not require that there be three judges from Quebec.  This requirement is contained in a law which can be changed by the government.  If this government wants to change this law to reflect your political point of view, pressure you MP or favourite ConPol to table such an amendment to the Supreme Court Act.

          Had Meech, and I believe Charlottetown, come to life, this three judges requirement would have become a constitutional requirement.

  3. Is it SH’s grand plan is to keep the country together by insulting Quebecers who have given their lives for the country – what could possibly go wrong with that!

  4. Actively suppressing Remembrance Day messages is pretty darn insulting to soldiers past and present.

  5. The Party who gets to “support the troops” should be the Party who has “been there” for the troops all along.  I do not want anyone with their “phoney” support who did a number on our troops in their time of need.   I do not want a party who support the “enemy” while slandering the Canadian Troops in their own country.   There is only one party who can support the troops and that is the Conservatives….the only party who ever stood by them.

    • …when required for Steve Harper’s photo op. Ask a veteran Ann, ask a veteran…..

    • Ann is absolutely correct.  You can see how it is our Conservative government that is putting our veterans first in their thoughts here:    http://canadianveteransadvocacy.com/

    • There is only one Ann repeating that same pantyload … may she one day learn to recognize the real ‘enemy’ of the Canadian democracy that the troops, speaking  French, Engish or other, have always fought for …that real  ‘enemy’ is the bigot within Canada.

  6. Anyone that thought Harper was anything but in it for himself (party power) should be aware of this. This is so shameful, it brings shame to the whole country that some people, based on their political colour, can’t use the forum to which they were as duly elected as Harper himself, to remember the extreme sacrifice of Canadians. This is truly a black mark.

  7. Scumbags these so-called conservatives

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