Who gets to support the troops


After Question Period yesterday, the House proceeded to the traditional messages on the occasion of Remembrance Day (the House is due to be on break next week). Veteran Affairs Minister Steven Blaney spoke for the government, Peter Stoffer for the NDP and Sean Casey for the Liberals.

Louis Plamondon then rose to offer remarks on behalf of the Bloc Quebecois, but was denied the unanimous consent of the House he needed to do so as the member of a party that does not have the sufficient number of MPs to be recognized in the House as an official party. Bob Rae suggested it was the Conservatives who had objected. Conservative backbencher Stephen Woodworth stood to object to Mr. Rae’s version of events. Government whip Gordon O’Connor then stood to explain.

Mr. Speaker, the Standing Orders say, in response to a minister’s statement, that only members of recognized parties can make statements. The Bloc is not a recognized party.

Thus were the Bloc Quebecois and Elizabeth May prevented from offering remarks.


Who gets to support the troops

  1. Petty. 

    • Very petty indeed.

      Who goes out of their way to prevent people from voicing their support for remembrance day?

      I guess the message here is that constituents will be penalized for not voting for the establishment?

      Quite a message indeed.

      • No point in my wearing a poppy then….I don’t belong to any of the parties.

  2. Sad. This is not my Canada.

  3. Are those standing order always rigidly enforced? It is remembrance day for lord’s sake – i guess no Quebecers gave their lives in Afghanistan then, that or they voted for the wrong party or something? It is indeed a sad day for Canada.

  4. I can think of no even semi-mainstream political entities I would less like to be lectured by on Remembrance Day than Elizabeth May or the Bloc.

    • So you feel we all got lectured by the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals then?

      Strange.  I have only read Sean Casey’s speech, but I found myself touched and humbled by it and fully expect I’d have more of that reaction if I read the others.  I don’t think I’d feel chastised  or particularly educated by any of them.

      Do you HAVE a heart?  Or to rephrase, an emotional core?

    • In fairness, we already knew you were petty, AVR.

  5. Since when have the “opposition” parties decided to stand up and support our Military??
    You are all a bunch of phonies.   The only Party in this Country who has ever done anything  for our Military, is the “Conservative  Government”.    Go hide behind the bush and keep your support for the foreigners you have all been catering to.  During the wars, you slandered our troops and were more concerned about the people they were fighting.  Don’t start pretending you actually care for them all of a sudden.

    • What a full pantyload, Ann!

      You and the CRAP do not own rights to being the only Canadians to speak to Remembrance Day or support the military. Your support tends to be jingoism, anyway (eg Taliban Jack)

      By the way, nobody asked my 14 year old father what party he supported when he was sent to WW1.
      Nor when he joined again in WW2.

      • You are right Emily, we, nor the Conservative Party of Canada do not own rights to speak on behalf of our Military, But……we are the “only” ones who backed them in their time of need while the others were kissing the A– of the Taliban as in “Taliban Jack”
        We are and were, true to our Military.   Too bad the trash you are defending didn’t respond in the same manner instead of sucking up to the Foreign interests.  

        • You haven’t seen John Baird in Libya, I guess (speaking of sucking up to foreign interests).

        • Own your ignorance, Ann. Preach it like a Del Mastro.  

        • Harper’s kool-aid seems to be especially potent with you.

    • What a crock of Self-servative BS! Honestly, you can say all of that with a straight face. This country has much bigger problems than I’d ever imagined….

  6. What’s the problem? Everybody knows the troops, as well as Canadian patriotism, are the property of our Dear Ruling Conservative Party. The won the election, and therefore have an exclusive mandate to wrap themselves in the blood-soaked flag of our military heroes.

    Anybody who disagrees is obviously not a Real Canadian, and probably pro-Taliban.

    • And obviously doesn’t support “The Troops (TM of the Steve Harper Party).”

  7. This isnn’t what’s sad.  What’s sad is that CPC candidates manning phonelines during the election are perfectly capable of saying to Quebec voters “can you really vote for a party that didn’t even send MPs to rememberance day ceremonies, don’t you think that disrespects our brave soldiers?”

  8. What O’Connor didn’t mention (surprise, surprise) is that only members of recognized parties can make statements WITHOUT the permission of the other parties. And the Conservatives made sure they stopped the Bloc and May but not giving that permission. What is there to be gained by looking this mealy mouthed and mean minded?

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