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Who has the momentum?


Joanna Smith looks at the latest fundraising numbers.

According to the latest fundraising data released by Elections Canada, Cullen has now pulled ahead of Toronto MP Peggy Nash and Ottawa MP Paul Dewar in terms of total net contributions to his campaign. Cullen received more than $32,700 during the Feb. 25 to Mar. 3 time period covered by the weekly report, bringing his total since the start of the campaign to almost $174,600 after the central party removed its 15 per cent administrative fee from donations. That means he is now in third place in terms of money contributed to his campaign behind Mulcair and former party president Brian Topp, who has raised about $204,300 since the beginning of the campaign.

The latest numbers for Mulcair were not available online Friday, but campaign manager Raoul Gébert said the weekly report would show an increase of about $35,000, which means he outperformed Cullen and remains in first place with about $261,400 in total.


Who has the momentum?

  1. One can only hope.

  2. Go Nathan go.[ just don’t tell my own party i said that]

    • If Mulcair gets in, ending all possibilities before the next election, then the younger people from both parties will have to break away from their parent parties….and form a new party. 

      Hopefully a progressive one….in the standard definition of that word….and without the baggage and old grudges.

      Probably too much to hope for though.

      • I don’t know about putting an age limit on it but i’m game for a new centrist party[a la Coyne] if the two main opposition parties continue to put their egos and interests before the good of the country after the next election. Whether or not a new centre party could appeal to the youth of this country is a matter of debate.

        • Oh…I didn’t mean specifically ‘young people’ as in an age group, I just meant anyone willing to move away from the stodgey old ways of doing things, and the old animosities and the old ways of thinking.

          • Actually, guys, I hear of an already formed (and very tiny) party called the Canadian Progressive Party or something like that.  So, at least the initial legwork has been done for us if it comes to that.  Presumably, they simply haven’t had the time to get all power-hungry and ego-mad.

    • Oh, please, tell your own party you said that!

      • Just joking Jenn. Been pushing this as often as I can.