‘Who knew what when and who reported what when to which?’


Those were Bob Rae’s questions after QP on Thursday.

On the matter of timing, Stockwell Day had earlier offered a couple bits of information: (1) “Mr. Speaker, I was in Afghanistan only about two or three weeks ago and the officials in Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan were not even aware of this legislation coming at them” and (2) “Mr. Speaker, we are very concerned about this situation, which is why, upon learning of it, the Minister of Foreign Affairs immediately called upon his counterparts to ask what they were intending to do.”

Lawrence Cannon would seem to have spoken with two Afghan cabinet ministers two days earlier.

Now this report from our own Jonathon Gatehouse, which suggests “draft copies of the bill … had been circulating in Kabul for six months.”


‘Who knew what when and who reported what when to which?’

  1. Ya, but was it written in English or French? If not, how do you expect a Canadian to read it?

  2. Is this fair comment? I believe in free speech, but this appears to be deliberately provocative, with no redeeming value in terms of perspective or insight. Ironically, it is liberal philosophy that would argue in its favour.

    • The only person I recall using the word “harridan” before was “yug-iT”. A tiresome game of his, and all of his other characters, frankly.

    • Since the comment to which I was referring was moderated, my orphaned comment now looks mystifyingly out of place. Please moderate me out.

  3. There’s nothing incredible about Three Monkeys. Thinking otherwise assumes reciprocitiy between Ministries and agencies.

  4. Day still hasn’t answered the question. Precisely when did he know about this law?

    Can someone please clarify for me who we have on the ground charged with overseeing what goes on in the parliament in Afghanistan. I know the position exists, I just haven’t been able to determine a title or reporting line back to the Canadian government.

    • “Precisely when did he know about this law?”

      Not a peep until they figure out what’s on record.

  5. ROFL – LMAO I can see it all now. You see there is this one guy in Ottawa buried deep in Dief’s bunker with this desk and he reads all of the legislation coming out from Afghanistan hot off the fax as it were. There is only one problem he can’t read Pashtun or whatever language they use in Kabul. Not know for his high profile however a very important job and his quarterly reports are quite sowemthing to behold if not verbose. More likely known as the last guy or gal in the line-up at the cafeteria.

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