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Who to know in the PMO

With bonus tattoo-related anecdote


In the current print edition, I have this scouting report on the Prime Minister’s Office. I previously wrote about Ray Novak three years ago and Jenni Byrne two years ago.

One fun fact about Jenni Byrne that I found out too late to include in the piece: She has a tattoo on her right arm of the Byrne family motto, Certavi et Vici. That translates as, “I have fought and conquered.”


Who to know in the PMO

  1. And on the other one…”or so i thought.”

  2. “I have fought and conquered’ – is this the small town Ontario ethos Harper values in her?

  3. Ha … we’re talking here about the tattoo we can seeeee ..

    • TMI!!! TMI!

    • Are you suggesting Jenni has a CPC logo tramp stamp?