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Who wore it best? Canada Day edition

Patriotic messages from Messrs Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau


If it’s Canada Day, it’s time for the federal party leaders to assure us of their patriotism.

First, the Prime Minister.

Compared with last year’s 1812-themed effort, this seems a little less inspired. Compared with two years ago, one wonders what happened to that plant Mr. Harper used to keep on the mantle.

Second, Thomas Mulcair, who goes with the desk look and manages to use the word “progressive.”

And finally, Justin Trudeau, who likes to be outdoors and eschews neckwear and who manages to include the phrase “hope and hard work.”

Most of the scoring here is subjective, but on the one objective criteria of “Number of Visible Canadian Flags,” Mr. Mulcair wins with two.


Who wore it best? Canada Day edition

  1. Outdoor casual is the most likely to appeal.

    • That’s crazy talk. Nothing says “enjoy your national holiday and have some summer fun” than guys with ties sitting at desks in offices.

      • LOL true….looks too formal…..and what’s with all the flags?

        Do they think we’ll forget what country we’re in?

  2. Canada needs a new mascot — our Prime minister in blue tights with a red cape and a maple leaf emblazoned on his chest — Captain Canada!

  3. At least Mulcair resisted any urge he may have had to change the colour of the flags to to say, orange. Call me paranoid[ do i have reason to be?] but i couldn’t help noticing the maple leaf was shown up against a very blue blue sky in the Harper clip. Nice touch showing him looking rather boyish , presumably, just 7 short years ago. Being PM sure does age a guy. Come to think of it being a citizen in Harper’s Canada ages a guy too.

    • Yep, it was much better when our past Prime Minister choked anti-poverty protesters on Canada Day for spoiling a photo-op. Carefree days when we were all young.

      • That was not Canada Day, it was Flag Day, February 15, 1996

      • Choked anti poverty protester[s]…?!?!

        At least get your facts right. It was one guy who had a rep as a professional protester of some sort with a personal grudge against Chretien. As i recall that incident won Chretien more empathy than real criticism.

        • Wow. No, that didn’t garner Chretien any sympathy. Between that and the crack about how he had pepper on his plate, was one of the reasons he morphed from “the little guy from Shawinigan” to “Da Boss”.

          As for forgetting that it wasn’t Canada Day but “Flag Day”, you’ll have to forgive me I was still in my schoolboy shorts at the time.

          I’d also have to see if you had any sympathy for Harper if he choked a “professional protester” with a “personal grudge” against him. I would imagine not. You’re getting far too partisan to see clearly.

          • Are you kidding me? Obviously you were still in schoolboy shorts. You clearly do not remember this yourself.

          • Actually Harper would seem a little more human to me if he had reacted the same way Chretien had. And as you say you were a little boy, so you’ll forgive me for presuming to have a little better handle on the public’s reaction to the incident then yourself. How on earth could you know wow! or anything about it come to think about it? And just for for fun i’ll demolish your little partisan shot as well – i was most certainly outraged at the interference by the pmo that was obvious in the pepper incident. In this case Chretien was indeed behaving like a thug.
            I didn’t make the flag day remark, maybe you should read the reply’s a little more carefully.

      • “Protesters”? He choked more than one? Wow.

  4. The PM looks like he’s been digitally projected as a hologram.

  5. I am always struck by how unnatural Harper and Mulcair look smiling. They are clearly trying to soften their images. I almost think it would be better if they just stopped trying so hard.