Who ya got?


A few developments from the inbox.

At 12:02pm I received a note from the Nash campaign announcing that the Toronto Area Council of the United Steelworkers was endorsing Peggy Nash. The national office of the United Steelworkers had previously endorsed Brian Topp.

At 12:43pm, a note from the Topp campaign, announcing that Jeff Itcush, an activist and former NDP candidate in Montreal, who had been supporting Thomas Mulcair’s campaign, had switched his allegiance to Mr. Topp.

At 12:51pm, a note from the Mulcair campaign, announcing the endorsements of eight current or former union leaders.

All of which I report in part to observe that the pace of the NDP campaign seems to be picking up.


Who ya got?

  1. Given how slowly it started, I was wondering when someone would start using a higher gear.

    • Yup, out of neutral, cruising in first!

      That said, maybe someone should explain where the gas pedal is? LOL

  2. From where I’m sitting it looks like people are trying to take the NDP seriously, but just can’t seem to get the hang of it, and I don’t blame them.

    Does anyone here really expect they won’t crash and burn next election?

    Cynicism seems like the only rational response frankly.

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