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The hunt for Pierre Poutine now includes a phoney YouTube video and anonymous senior Conservatives.

Sources said on the weekend that someone associated with the Guelph Conservative campaign had decided to step forward and accept responsibility for the calls on Monday, after learning that an Internet Protocol address had narrowed the search for the suspect known as “Pierre Poutine” to a single home in Guelph. Someone who spoke to Sona on Tuesday said that someone else may have gone to Elections Canada, but not him. “Whoever did, and confessed, it’s not him,” the person said…

CTV reported Monday night that senior Conservative sources said Sona had taken responsibility for the calls, but Sona is proclaiming his innocence. “He is going to be contacting his lawyer in regards to what legal response he can make to these lies,” said the person. And a YouTube video posted by someone claiming to be Sona is clearly a fake.



  1. Sounds like further attempts to ‘muddy the water’.

    Time for an independent inquiry.

    • There is an independent inquiry with full investigative powers and the ability to lay criminal charges already underway.

      But hey lets stop the electoral experts from doing what they know how to do and get some retired judge to grand stand about a topic he’s really not all that sure about.

      What is with you and this fetish for having old white men determine everything in legal matters ?

      Lets let the women and men of EC do their job please.

        • Polls also show 11% of Canadians claimed to have been the victims of robocalls.

          That would be half a million complaints.
          Except now we know there’s only been about 1,000.
          Talk about exagerated mass hysteria.

          BTW that poll shows people want an independent inquiry.

          There already is an independent inquiry. Its called EC!

          • Well, at least we have one CPC supporter here who acknoweldges the EC is independent.

            The problem is, most of your fellows feel they aren’t.

          • I think there have been at least a few of us asking for patience while Elections Canada does their investigation.  I am still reeling from the knowledge that certain activist groups and MPs have impeded that investigation by encouraging the sending in of forms acknowledging people’s concerns over the issue and taking away investigators attention from real complaints of voter suppression calls.  If the opposition has trust in Elections Canada, then why make their job that much more difficult by overwhelming them with 30,000 irrelevant contacts to wade through? 

          • Although Angus-Reid found 11% answering that they had received these type of robocalls, suggesting 30,000 may still be tiny compared to the numbers affected.

            In any case, why can’t both investigations go on?  With  adscam there was a public inquiry and a criminal investigation.  What we have seen is EC takes about 3-4 years to get to changes, even when there is a paper trail and then in the end they plea bargained, which was not completely satisfactory.

            I do want EC to continue with their investigation, but I would rather we had a public inquiry along side it as well.  I’m already tired of the CPC “leaks” of a real address, then an IP, then a confession, then a non-confession alongside the leaks surrounding Prescott, with Campaign Research lawyer saying he would talk to EC then him saying he wouldn’t.  Too many lawyers and anonymous “senior Conservatives” trying to deflect, target young staff, or whatever.

          • In my view EC is in the tank for the opposition.

            If ANYONE was going to go the distance to try and determine Conservative wrong doing it would be them.

          • So then you too should be clamoring for a public inquiry.

  2. And the Conservative’s are the “Party of Dirty Tricks”? Every fact that comes out in this so-called-scandal is implicating everybody *but* the CPC. I think that even the Liberals want this thing to blow-over already.

    • People instantly suspect it’s the Cons because of their past behavior…so Cons have only themselves to blame.

      And no, the Libs have called for a Royal Commission….which is hardly wishing for it to ‘blow over’

      • Because a royal commision would screw up an ongoing legal process and make it more difficult to convict people with criminal charges ?

        Because a royal commision would take half a decade to come up with anything ?

        And the RCMP and EC would have to hold off laying charges until the commission had concluded ?

        Just some thoughts on why your theory is bogus.

        • This comment was deleted.

          • The mice thing ? I see a lot of your comments were flagged and removed yesterday.

            Maybe try debating and not name calling.

            That poll shows that Canadians want an independent inquiry into this. There already is an independent inquiry into this.

            Its called EC.

          • What’s needed is a public inquiry so that voters can find out what exactlyhappened and  what needs to be changed to ensure fair and free elections.  The EC investigation does not do this.

          • @JanBC:disqus 
            in actuality EC does constant reports about how to improve the elections process.

            What Bob Rae described as a mandate for a commission is exactly what EC already does for goodness sake !

          • Troll

      • “People”….as in Libs and Dippers “suspect its the Cons…”

        Yes, the “Libs’ have asked for a “Royal Commission” and to make sure they got one, they have tried to overwhelm investigators at Elections Canada with ridiculous form letters from Lib and Dipper voters expressing concern over voter supression, meanwhile keeping investigators from doing their real job of investigating the actual 1000 true compalints.  Not to mention, getting the press to report that 31,000 complaints have been received from Elections Canada….

        • Given the state of the technology, how is sending online petitions and letters interfering with the investigators?   

          • Every letter/form registers as a concern/complaint about voter suppression that an Elections Canada investigator has to look into to see if it is actually a complaint of a personal experience of voter suppression or a concern about voter suppression in general.
            How would the state of technology make a whit of difference in telling the difference between the two until you open up every single email and read through it?

          • Hahahaha!  Only you, Emily, would misquote your own link…..
            Elections Canada hires 14 new ‘frontline’ staff to examine more that 31,000 “CONTACTS”.. not complaints…contacts (as in people who are contacting Elections Canada with their concerns over the voter suppression issues that have been reported in the media).
            Yes, the activitists and MPs are so busy trying to get to the bottom of this by having everyone and their dog send in a petition to Elections Canada, necessitating the hiring of extra staff to go through all this extraneous paperwork that has taken away from the attention of the real chore of investigating legitimate complaints.  I know if I wanted a case solved, I would definitely spend my time sending in as many false leads and BS paperwork as I could to keep investigators so busy that they couldn’t concentrate on the case (insert heavy sarcasm here).
            Then what, I demand a public enquiry because the investigators I have done my best to impede are incompetent?

          • I cut and pasted the headline that was there at the time, sweetie. In fact it’s still there on National Newswatch which is where I got it from.

            Will you guys quit with the juvenile nyah nyah all the time….you sound like a bunch of 4th graders.

          • That’s beyond laughable that you are still using the 31,000 number as if it had any meaning or credibility.

            We know the vast majority of those are from a robo-petition. The “like” button version of activism by political motivated coalition supporters.

          • Oh Pot…I mean Emily, I just read your comment accusing me of juvenile behavior.  I’m sorry was I saying “nyah nyah” when I pointed out your misquote?  I apologize.  I am soooo glad I didn’t stoop to calling you a “mouse” and saying something so childlike as “nibble, nibble” repeatedly.   Maybe you could pass your advice regarding tiresome “juvenile behavior” onto THAT blogger”   Thanks.  signed Kettle ….oops I mean HCI.

          • You have a knack for showing up long after a conversation is over with…and then expressing anger that you don’t know what it’s about.

            There are ‘attack dogs’ and ‘attack mice’, and none of it has anything to do with you.

        • JD
          Yeah – and how’s that working out?  What was obvious after the In and Out scandal and is even more obvious now is that there far too much room for interrpretation in EC’s rules.  I would think all parties would want a clearer definition of them to protect themselves from the kinds of accusations that can now be made.  Only people who want room to play fast and loose would be happy with the status quo.

          • Jan any rule changes would still need to be made by the government.

            So what does it matter if its EC or a commision recomending the changes ?

            A committee in the house and senate would still need to study it for themselves.

        • You guys have done a great job of muddying the waters.  I was afraid that might happen when the online forms came out.  Good work by the PMO staffers on that one.

          • “you guys have done a great job of muddying the waters”….as in us guys…..as in, citizens of Canada who are trying to make sense of this situation?    You are accusing me, a registered nurse from Calgary of working for the PMO?  Hahaha.  I think that is the second time someone has suggested I work there just because I have posed a few questions about things that aren’t adding up.
            So briguyhfx, let me ask you…do you work for Lead On, the leftist activist site that sent out all the form letters or do you work for the one of the Lip or Dipper MPs because you just said that you were “afraid that might happen when the online forms came out”.  If so, maybe you can tell me, why would you want to impede the investigation by Elections Canada by getting Libs and Dippers to send in forms expressing their concern over voter suppression.  If you guys really want this investigation handled efficiently, why make it more difficult for the investigators by bombarding them with irrelevant paperwork, knowing they would have to slog through it all to get to the legitimate complaints.  Do you people understand that it negatively impacts on the credibility of your claims….31,000 becomes 1,000.  You guys feel proud because you come on Macleans and pretend anyone who asks questions works for the PMO and point out polls that show 2/3 of Canadians want an inquiry, meanwhile ignoring that the same polls show that the Conservatives still hold the same 37% of popular support that they did in November.  37% of voting Canadians do not work for the PMO.

          • “why make it more difficult for the investigators by bombarding them with irrelevant paperwork, knowing they would have to slog through it all to get to the legitimate complaints?”

            Exactly my point!  This was a clever strategy by your team.  I’m genuinely hoping that EC doesn’t just throw up it’s hands and give up.

      • Troll

    • How on earth do you get that out of this article?
      Let’s keep our eye on the ball shall we? There’s the little matter of alleged illegal suppression activities by someone out there.

    • Bob Rae is demandng a public inquiry – how is that wanting this to blow over?

    • You honestly think that the Liberals called their own voter base under the guise of EC and misdirected them to the wrong polling station?  Are you Dean Del Mastro?

      • I would not put such incompetence past the Liberals.

        • Make up your mind Omen, either the Liberals are evil masterminds or plain incompetent.

  3. Perhaps off-topic, but why does this blog post appear under Colby Cosh? Is he taking over part of the Beyond the Commons responsibilities?… That could result in some interesting blog posts…

    • Yeah, what’s up with that?  Next we’ll be learning that Wherry submitted this post from a burner phone.

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  5. The National Post also reported that a woman who said she was Sona’s mother (that is how they referred to her, either they couldn’t be bothered to check or wanted to cast some doubt on Sona themselves) was saying that Sona was “set up” and implied that Meier was in on it, working for the Conservatives and providing an IP address (suggesting, but not actually confirming that the IP address might be Sona’s).  

    Note that all this — Meier’s breakthrough in the middle of the night (haha) and the leaks saying Poutine would reveal himself — came as Prescott was really getting into trouble with his unexplained missing Racknine expenses and tweets about voter suppressing robocalls spoofing his number and him refusing to cooperate with the investigation.  The CPC appears much more concerned with protecting Prescott than protecting Sona, so it is possible that Prescott just knows toooooo much.

    Anyway, given the timing and the clumsiness of this diversion tactic and trying to throw Sona under the bus yet again, seemed quite desperate and disorganized for the CPC.  Are they too scared to think clearly?

    • Prescott has been instruemental in revealing the Liberal voter supression tactics in the last election.

      That includes illegal robocalls from the Liberal campaign.

      That includes dirty tricks like polling a fire alarm at a strong Conservative polling location.

      • Lol

        Polling a fire alarm… What did it have to say?

        That by the way requires proof, did he have any? Besides it hardly ranks on the scale of illegal EC robocalls, does it?
        You seem to be missing the point. If the libs are found to have engaged some dirty tricks and the Tories proved to have been systematically suppressing the vote illegally, what do think should be done about it? Give them both a smack on the wrist and call them naughty boys – or make an important distinction? The real outcome will depend on whether there was a systematic effort to circumvent the law by any political party.

        • Laughing at spelling errors ? What are we five ?

          Well there was no fire so its quite clear there was a prank involved. But you’re right the whole thing is speculative.

          About as speculative as the entire robo-call scandal. Or the NDP voter fraud scandal:


          The only confirmed case of probable legal wrong doing (although the Liberal MP has a different interpretation of the law) was the abortion calls.

          • Really i wasn’t laughing at you. You should see my spelling before editing. You must admit it was funny.

          • Sorry.

            Its hard to know if someone is laughing at the funny coincidence (politics on the mind I guess … or just dyslexic) or if they’re being a stickler.

            Honestly its all a jumble sometimes so apologies to the board for any errors, missing words, poor syntax

          • Nothing to be sorry about at all.

  6. Via Coyne on twitter, phoney video might be nutter from Florida.

    Dead Spin, Sept 2010
    Remember that obnoxious Florida fan who challenged the state of Alabama to a fight and warned them about his karate skills, all the while wiping off palm sweat due to his close proximity to a woman? He’s allegedly on probation in Florida.

    Some intrepid Alabama fans identified the sunglasses-wearing shit-talker as one Brett Warren. A guy in Florida named Brett Warren was sentenced on July 23 for three counts of grand theft—a third degree felony in Florida, by our research—and one count of “BURGUNOCCSTRUC/CV OR ATT,” which is a fancy way of saying that Warren broke into something that was unoccupied, or at least attempted to before he was stopped.

      • Wow, I totally misremembered that story.  I thought his crimes occurred during provincial elections.  Oh well, on to the Elxn2011 crime wave!

      • Interesting, had not read that yet.

        I think partisans of all parties, and other oddballs, mean we have electoral system that is slightly corrupt and does not bear close examination. 

        I would be pleased if Cons called for examination of all electoral shenanigans committed by all parties and tried to eliminate some of the worst abuses but that’s not going to happen because no political party wants public scrutiny.

  7. It wasn’t Bruce Carson, was it ? Nobody’s seen him in a while … at least
    nobody I know.

    • He’s been buried under a pile somewhere at Privy. But you’ll be heartened to know he’s beavering away at that troublesome environmental assessment thingy and secretly meeting with OilGov/GovCo to ensure all goes swimmingly. The petrocracy shall be secure.

  8. The Calgary Herald is reporting that the fake Michael Sona video “appears to have been produced by” Brett Warren, an American criminal who is a Florida Gators fan.  Huh?  Must be some connection, I’d guess to the Conservatives, but it sure isn’t obvious.