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Who’s not getting the shot


I’ve been thinking about what additional piece of information it would take to jolt all those people who are still saying they don’t want to get the H1N1 vaccine into seeing reason. I think I’ve hit on it: Maxime Bernier says he’s doesn’t plan to be vaccinated. I apologize in advance to health officials for any sudden surge of demand for shots caused by this posting.

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Who’s not getting the shot

  1. Oh, Bernier's getting a shot alright, and I believe this one's of the "cheap" variety.

  2. Hey that's becuase after leaving his Ex he had to get every shot you can think of!

  3. Well, that won't work on me. Not only will I not get the shot, but I'll start kissing strangers full on the lips and will start licking subway poles. Then I'll go stand really close to Maxime Bernier.

    • A day in your world must be a fascinating experience.

  4. In related news, a recent study found a surge in H1N1 infection rates among Ottawa and Beauce area women with low cut dresses.

  5. "I think I've hit on it: Maxime Bernier says he's doesn't plan to be vaccinated."

    If the women in my life are anything to go by, I think you got this exactly backwards. There would be mobs across Canada, or at least in Guelph, if Bernier were in the neighbourhood.

    • Hmmm.

      I thought the implication here wasn't "Maxime Bernier is unattractive to women", but "Maxime Bernier is an idiot".

      Though I suppose it could also be "Maxime Bernier is promiscuous" such that, if he's not getting the shot, many, many women will need to do so in order to protect themselves from the virus.

      • Attractiveness trumps intelligence. Just send Bernier on cross Canada tour of med clinics and women will follow.

        • Are you saying women are stupid? That's how you defend your beloved Bernier?

          • I am saying Bernier is easy on the eye and women don't care if he is intelligent or not.

          • joylon, i wonder about the women you hang with…

          • "i wonder about the women you hang with…"

            Me to.

  6. From the Ceeb: And another former minister, Maxime Bernier, is also telling the CBC he won't be getting the shot for "personal health reasons."

    Now this can range from mental health reasons ("I believe a YouTube video over the smart people who have trained in public health and who cooperated with the pharmaceutical industry to produce a safe and reliable vaccine as swiftly as possible") to an egg allergy.

    But, John, a little fairness is called for, here. Bernier did NOT say he is avoiding the vaccine because "all that icky mercury will make my hair fall out, and besides, the chief medical officer is in the tank for for evil pharma." He cited personal health reasons. It is possible that the personal health reasons may be legit. Do you know for certain that his doctor didn't counsel him that something in his health history made him a bad candidate? Or do you think every last detail of a person's health is fair game for public awareness if he becomes an elected official?

    • Fair point he could have an egg allergy, he may have had a reaction to vaccines in the past.

      The lines yesterday indicate the polls are wrong. The unfortunate death of that child in Etobicoke has mobilized parents very quickly.

      In fact it is almost the oppositie, I watched a women last night yelling at everyone to let people with diabetes to go to the head of the line. So I would put her in the category of NOT wanting more people to come out to clinics.

      But yes it is a funny line about Bernier though.

      • Well, I find it reassuring that the high-risk folk are getting to the front of the line, but that there is nonetheless a line for everyone else. The last thing I want to see this week or next is a vaccine clinic with nurses and paramedics who have nothing to do. From: notifications@intensedebatemail.comTo: bobbarne@hotmail.comSubject: VinceClortho replied to your comment on Who's not getting the shot

    • Or maybe he already had H1N1 in the spring (immunization shot contraindicated if you've already had it) but doesn't want to talk about that with the media.

      • I am not sure that it's contraindicated, just unnecessary, if an otherwise healthy person had DOCUMENTED H1N1 earlier this year. Anyone know for sure? From: notifications@intensedebatemail.comTo: bobbarne@hotmail.comSubject: tobyornottoby replied to your comment on Who's not getting the shot

        • I don't know (though I suspect it's not contraindicated) but the main point (as you show) is the notion of "DOCUMENTED". Even if Bernier had H1N1 earlier in the year, I HIGHLY doubt he had a blood test done to confirm it.

          If he'd been sick enough to warrant actually getting a blood test done, I imagine we'd already have heard about that.

  7. Real classy there Geddes.

  8. You know, I just find it interesting how many Liberals and journalists complain about the lack of civility from the Tory government, they then turn around and throw these cheap shots at one of its members. In other words, it seems justified for the Tories to view their critics skeptically, doesn't it.

    • If your broader point is that we should all try to treat one another with more respect and consideration, even (or perhaps especially) those with whom we disagree, then I agree.

      • Nope, my broader point is that the very people who expect Conservatives to be docile turn around and treat those same Conservatives as though they're idiots – as this blog post proves – and then wonder why Conservatives push back.

        • Okay then. First: earlier, you were talking about how people who expect civility from the Conservatives don't seem to practice what they preach. Sure, I could go along with that to some degree. I subtracted the partisan business to try and arrive at a more general principle, but no, apparently you don't want the more general principle, you want the partisan stuff left in.
          So: Docile? Who the hell expects any political party to be docile? Civility and docility aren't really words that can be used interchangeably. Up until now, you seemed like the sort of person who might know that.
          But anyway, yeah, maybe it was a totally uncivil cheap shot on Geddes' part. But on the other hand, considering the specific case of Monsieur Bernier, who left documents clearly marked as CLASSIFIED at the home of his former girlfriend, a former biker chick, maybe Geddes just used the first example of an idiot (your word) that came to mind.