Who’s on first?


The Aboriginal Affairs Minister and Attawapiskat chief seem to have communication issues.

When the minister, John Duncan, said the band’s chief had agreed to have third-party manager Jacques Marion supervise finances, co-host Craig Oliver said he had just spoken to Chief Theresa Spence. She says that’s a lie,” Oliver said. “She did agree to everything else you said but did not agree to work with the third-party manager. We have a serious conflict here.” Then Duncan said, “We talked to her within the last hour.” To which, Oliver replied, “We talked to her 10 minutes ago.” The minister concluded: “The reality is the third-party manager is in place.”

In a telephone interview with CTV News after the program’s conclusion, Spence said: “He’s a liar, because I didn’t say I agreed. Third party is not the answer here. We declared an emergency crisis, not a crisis on finances.”


Who’s on first?

  1. Maybe if Duncan got on a plane and went up there they could straighten this out.  But if I were the Chief I’d insist the meeting be videotaped.

  2. I blame Charlie Angus.

    • I blame Scott Gomez.

      • I blame the Joker.

  3. Chief Spence agreed to the decisions made by the third-party manager Jacques Marion, while superviseing the bands finances.

    Jacques Marion is the representative of the Canadian Taxpayer,
    and I approve the people of Attawapiskat receiving decent housing.

    Further, I think Attawapiskat residents should also receive rights to buy and sell the housing the Cdn taxpayer has provided, as well as being given notice it is a one time offer, make the best of it.

  4. The Canadian taxpayers are not providing enough funding for education and health to First Nations.
    The First Nations are not providing enough accountability to the Canadian taxpayer.
    ex: how much insulation, drywall and siding could have been bought to finish homes under construction, instead of a Zamboni?

  5. Well for not communicating quite alot is getting accomplished…22 modular homes on order; emergency heating in place and emergency toilets as well as repairs to the public buildings so that people who are living in sheds can live there instead.  That hated third party manager has done quite well to solve the housing crisis even though he isn’t welcome on the reserve or wanted for his financial management skills. 

    • What makes you think the 3rd party manager has made ANY of these decisions?

    • How is this a demonstration of his financial management skills? Nobody on the government side can even explain how this is being financed.

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