Who’s out, who’s being encouraged to get in


Libby Davies has decided not to run for the NDP leadership. Peter Julian hasn’t announced a decision, but he picked up two more endorsements yesterday from within the NDP caucus: MPs Isabelle Morin and Kennedy Stewart.

That gives Mr. Julian four MPs (Morin, Stewart, Brian Masse and Rathika Sitsabaiesan). Thomas Mulcair has the endorsements of eight MPs (Robert Aubin, Francois Lapointe, Jamie Nicholls, Marie-Claude Morin, Alexandrine Latendresse, Pierre Nantel, Claude Patry and Marc-Andre Morin). Brian Topp has the public support of one (Francoise Boivin).


Who’s out, who’s being encouraged to get in

  1. Libby already sees that the French faction has taken over the party and before the next election the 59 seats in Quebec will have chosen a new name and platform much closer to the Bloc.The western members of the NDP in their elation after the last election are myopic if they can not see the future of their party. The great CCF party that once dominated the west will soon be an eastern french speaking party with Quebec first in their thinking.

  2. I’m guessing that those people in the NDP who are eager to show a “moderate” face to the public and expand their voter base are quite relieved that Libby Davies isn’t running. 

  3. Quoth Libby:  “Why is the gap between the wealthy and working people getting bigger and bigger?”

    So I see that Libby Davies and her NDP brethren continue to hold to the belief that wealthy people don’t work.  That’s funny, becuase I have met and observed a significant number of wealthy Canadians in my life who get up every day, go to offices and work their butts off just like everyone else.  So if that’s not “working”, I wish Libby et al. would explain to me exactly what that is.

  4. Both Topp and Mulcair must go on record on the NDP’s Sherbrooke Declaration which recognizes a 50% plus 1 vote in a Quebec referendum on sovereignty. 

    A Facebook page dedicated to this pursuit can be found here:


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