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Why are Labradorians so ungrateful?

Peter Penashue’s re-election campaign seems to be in trouble


Despite his boast that he held up funding for elsewhere in the province for the benefit of Labrador and in spite of government assurances that he “delivered” for his riding, Peter Penashue seems to trail badly in Labrador.

Abacus Data gives the Liberal candidate, Yvonne Jones, a 43-point lead and those numbers roughly match Forum’s findings of two weeks ago.

Abacus: Yvonne Jones 63%, Peter Penashue 20%, Harry Borlase 17% Sample: 399
Forum: Yvonne Jones 57%, Harry Borlase 21%, Peter Penashue 20% Sample: 260

The samples are small and the riding is large and the population is remote, but Forum’s numbers held up pretty well in Calgary Centre last fall.

Meanwhile, the former Liberal MP in Labrador is, in his new capacity, is praising the NDP candidate.


Why are Labradorians so ungrateful?

  1. Looks like Pierre Poutine is going to have to get busy moving polls.

  2. But I thought Harper and his Bobbleheads claimed that Penashue was the best MP that Newfoundland has ever had.?

    Guess they were wrong about that one too.

  3. Although Penashue’s boast about holding up funding to another Newfoundland project until his own riding was looked after may reflect the way realpolitik is done in his world, I suspect it offended Labradorians’ basic Canadian sense of fair play.

    Especially since there’s a good chance he made the whole thing up.

  4. The highway he delivered delivered mucho dinero to his brother. Typical conservative ‘benefits’. Vote the turd out!