Why did the NDP vote against the war memorials bill?


Vic Toews wonders.

I was confused on this point myself so earlier this week I asked the NDP. I was directed to this letter from the Royal Canadian Legion and this speech by NDP MP Craig Scott.

Here is Open Parliament’s page C-217.


Why did the NDP vote against the war memorials bill?

  1. A tip of the hat to the legion for not being knee-jerk about the entire thing.

    • Amen…the concepts of restitution or restorative justice have never visited the inside of Vic Toews’ cranium.

  2. As an atheist, I must confess that I sometimes wish for hell so that people like Vic Toews might burn there. He is absolutely the lowest swine in a very deep pile.

  3. Well I guess the NDP, like the Legion whose position they back, are just a bunch of troop-hating pedophiles…

    That Toews has one rather odd perception of reality.

    • if the NDP were the CPC they would claim that laying a wreath on a memorial could be considered a nuisance, and then start a campaign against the CPC “who want to put veterans in jail for laying wreaths at war memorials”

  4. I’m not going to pile on Vic, but when some wise journalist or observer someday compiles a list of examples of the kind of excessive partisanship that dominates the politics of today, this should be on it. It’s cartoonishly bad.

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