Why does the OECD oppose economic growth?


A report from the OECD sees signs of Dutch Disease in the Canadian economy.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development warns in a report released Wednesday that the run-up in commodity prices is leading to an uneven economy in Canada. And it says the country needs to do more to develop non-resource aspects of the economy in order to maintain high levels of employment and an equitable distribution of wealth across regions…

“I don’t think you can really deny it,” Peter Jarrett, one of the report’s authors, said in an interview. “You can’t explain the entire pattern of the history of manufacturing just by exchange rates. That goes too far. But anyone who argues it has no effect is clearly not looking at the data.”

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Why does the OECD oppose economic growth?

  1. Ahhh but the Clownservatives are ahead of the OECD on this. The plan is to bus the unemployed (eastern deadbeats) out to the work in western Canada… and live in tent cities…Where they can become good Albertans. Even if the displaced easterners have the temerity to vote for leftie parties their votes will be drowned out in a sea of Albertan blue.

    • Oh no, if you have skills Alberta companies will “fly” you out work. You can actually commute back and forth to your home in the east. Many who live in the Maritimes and work in Alberta do that.

      • Can you cite any evidence of that? You’ve said it multiple times, but I’m not sure you’re correct. It makes much more sense for the company to simply pay for your move and temp lodgings.

  2. Why are they being divisive?

    • Because they missed addition and subtraction?

    • Are you now or have you ever been a member or supporter of the OECD?

  3. Mulcair seems a bit quiet on this and the pipeline spill. Harper and Flaherty always gloat over the slightest little bit international support or bad news for the opposition..

  4. Mike Moffatt (like fellow WCI blogger Stephen Gordon) repeatedly tweets about the fallacy of the Dutch Disease argument in Canada.

    Yet, prior to Mulcair adopting it (NDP policy announcements usually bring Pavlovian responses from these tow individuals) Moffatt would repeatedlyblog on WCI on two topics:

    1) His “toy” MERT which tracked C$ exchange rates relative to the WTI price of oil

    2) How to react to the high C$ as an exporter due to the high oil price. One example:
    “High Canadian Dollar Damaging to Exporters. An (Unexpectedly) Rising One Moreso”

    Talking out of both sides of one’s mouth?

  5. I genuinely appreciate the sarcasm, Wherry. Keep it up!

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