Will David McGuinty matter in Calgary Centre?


MaybeSomehow. Perhaps it’ll actually end up helping the Green candidate.

Williams told me an Ontario MP’s far-away musings typically wouldn’t make much difference—except that this is a hard-fought three-way race, in which even a marginal shift in voter preferences might matter.

“The Conservatives are going to try to milk it for all it’s worth,” she said.  “If this does cost the Liberals votes, would those votes by more likely to go to Joan Crockatt or Chris Turner? I’d have to say Chris Turner.” Her reasoning: “Turner has a lot in common with Locke. They’re both strong environmentalists.” As well, Williams doubts centrist voters—some of whom have swung from Conservative voting in the past to leaning Liberal this time—won’t see going Green as all that jarring a transition. “The Green party isn’t particularly left, it’s more centre.”


Will David McGuinty matter in Calgary Centre?

  1. Irony of McGuinty’s comments:

    If there was a candidate anywhere that could possibly fit the stereotype that McGuinty painted, could it possibly be any other than Joan Crockatt? She has admitted point blank that she will do whatever PM Harper (through his minions no doubt) directs her to do. And we know where his priorities lie.

    Why not just run on a platform of merging the two ridings – Harper’s and Calgary Centre. Save a few bucks.

    OK, full disclosure: I am voting for Joan Crockatt for the PPPPY – Parliamentary Pre-Potted Plant of the Year.

    • And so you’re thinking………Rae didn’t demand of Dave McGuinty to apologize? Did McGuinty not do exactly as told?

      • Who knows? Maybe he just got frustrated with the Committee and figured he was wasting his time. Prior to Fed politics, I believe he was a member (Chair?) of NRTEE (disbanded recently by Harper) so he has perhaps a more informed view of the bigger issues than his CPC committee counterparts.

        The other possibility is that the guy who is running the JT campaign used to work for his brother, Dalton. And me knowing how some Albertans will grab onto this like a bone, and shake it forever, he maybe thought it would be best just to step aside, for the larger party cause.

        I seriously doubt he was told by Rae for such a minor offence. But, no doubt Joan’s former haunt, the Calgary Herald etc would make hay out of it.

        • ‘Maybe’…..’I believe’………..’perhaps’…….’other possibility’….’you knowing how some’…..’maybe’…..

          Very convincing stuff!

          • They are wedge words – designed to gradually penetrate closed minds.

          • For an unskilled practitioner, any wedging will be done to try and open that which was closed.

            However, as any skilled practitioner knows, wedging is to be done to keep solids into place. Any wedging material should therefore be to the point, should be of hard consistency and should be able to snap off at exactly the point of not being necessary. Your wedging fails in that regard.

          • I’ve found it works best on those wearing Fruit of the Looms.

          • Obviously, you’ve never done any serious carpentry.

          • Oh, are you talking about shims?

          • Yes, sorry, my bad. Had the words mixed up.I saw the picture of a shim when thinking about wedges. :)

  2. Doubt it. In spite of all the hype and column inches, I never thought anyone but the Con would win.

  3. I don’t think it will matter. I think the Conservatives likely win this one, anyways, albeit with a smaller margin of victory. That being said, the specific issues the Conservatives face (and their potential to fall in terms of % support in Calgary-Centre) have more to do with a WR-PC split than it does with newfound love for the Liberals or Greens. Regardless of the comments, I think PC’s are likely to be the ones to remain home on Election Day – or who aren’t volunteering or donating $ to the Crockatt campaign.

    • You’re probably right. The media love a horse race, it’s more interesting than a predictable walk and sells more newspapers. On the other hand, if there were going to be a LPC breakthrough in Calgary, Calgary Centre would be a likely riding. Plus it’s a by-election, and I think that could help the anti-CPC/Harper cause. I get the sense that anti-CPC/Harper activists are more motivated to march to the voting booth in a by-election than CPC supporters.

  4. Nope this one goes to Joan.

    • Where’s Calgary Joe when we need him?

      Oh yeah, he went home.

  5. Will McGuinty matter ? Obviously his recent tirade will not help but ultimately no, it will not matter asthe Conservatives will win in Calgary hands down no differently then the NDP will win the former Denise Savoie riding in Victoria hands down. The fun part will be watching certain members of the media pretend that that the comments from McGuinty made all of the difference. After all, the polls said it was such a close race….

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