A retired major claims the Defence Minister’s helicopter ride was part of a training exercise.

“This was a training flight that we were going to participate in,” Reid said in an interview. “If the minister was able to slide his way in, in some fashion, that was fine with us … “The flight would have been flown regardless of whether or not the minister was included because the squadron conducts two training events per day as part of a regular routine,” he said. “In this case, a new flight engineer required hoist training, therefore the training intentions were well matched.”

Too bad the government has already abandoned any reference to search-and-rescue operations in its explanation.



  1. So, McKay was not participating in the search and rescue training, but the military in question was conducting a search and rescue training flight in the area and was not put out of any undue cost or hassle by having to pick up McKay. This seems plausible (although McKay’s original explanation of participating in the search and rescue training remains indefensible).

    I see no reason for the Wherry Snark-o-Meter to be cranked up to 11 on this one again.

    • Not!

    • A pre-planned training mission which the pilot said he couldn’t find on a map – he had to ask a relative who had fished in the area?  And this is put out there to help the situation.  They’re giving Herman Cain a run for his money. 

  2. “This was a training flight that we were going to participate in, [in order for our new pr personnel to have real life experiences in dealing with over the top requests from Gov’t Ministers]

  3. Yes, it was all just a training exercise. In this case, the crew were being trained in the emergency ferrying of a dim-witted man-child of wealth and privilege from a luxury fishing resort.

    And as a Newfoundlander, I am glad these training exercises are going on. One of the biggest issues we face in Newfoundland and Labrador is the number of wealthy elites that may have to drive an hour or two in order to get to the airport. So many times I have seen these poor souls in the back of limos and luxury cars as they are forced to get close to us commoners.

    • Where are all the moose on the highways when you really need them?

  4. Oh, and Minister McKay is considering suing the MPs who called him a liar.
    I don’t think he should limit that suit to just MPs.

    • Who did you have in mind? The Incredible Mr. Limpet?

  5. Who did you have in mind? The Incredible Mr. Limpet?

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