Wind-farm rogue


Ben Lobb joins fellow Conservative MPs Pierre Poilievre, Bev Shipley, Larry Miller, Gary Schellenberger and Patricia Davidson in calling for a moratorium on wind farm development in Ontario until a Health Canada study can be completed, but Dave Van Kesteren declines to call for a halt.

Chatham-Kent Essex MP Dave Van Kesteren won’t add his name to the growing list of MPs and MPPs demanding a moratorium on wind turbine construction. But he will ask the federal health minister to have the riding included in a two-year study on the affects of turbines on human health…

“Wind turbines are a provincial matter and should be left up to the provinces to decide what action to take,” he told The Daily News Wednesday. “The federal government is trying to bolster good relations with the provinces.”

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Wind-farm rogue

  1. There Is Much Wrong With Dalton’s Turbines
    Keep in mind that the preliminaries of the deal were put together by Smitherman, and then one day, out of sight of everyone, Dalton sat down with Samsung officials and inked the deal. When his caucus found out they were very close to a revolt.Then we learn that Mike Crawley, who at that time was president of the Ontario Liberals, emerges as a profitable wind farmer. This entire project has a dark cloud over it, which won’t go away.
    Next there are all kinds of studies which reveal the long term damage caused by infra vibrations. Yet, these studies are declared persona non grata by McGuinty. One must wonder why he seems averse to learning about the whole story. Could it be that the truth might upset his apple cart?
    Then there is McGuinty’s drive to amend the Endangered Species Act. We know that bats flying past the large swooping blades, enter into a vacuum which causes their lungs to explode. But McGuinty wants the act amended so that animal right’s activists can’t shut down Mike Crawley’s turbines until he figures out a way to stop them from killing bats, American Bald Eagles and other birds.

    • The dangers of ground transported infra-vibrations are indeed wildly understated. Even scarier is that vibrations in this range (0-10Hz) are produced not only by wind turbines, but also trains (at much higher amplitudes!), transformers, large trucks, electric motors and lawnmowers. Indeed, studies strongly suggest that over 98% of Canadians that died of “natural causes” last year had been previously exposed to infra-vibrations!

      • Oh please. You’re probably just part of the dihydrogen monoxide lobby attempting to direct attention away from what’s really killing people.

        I bet you don’t want people to know that there is a 100% correlation between death and consumption of dihydrogen monoxide, and that this odorless, colorless liquid leaves no traces. Victims might even go without symptoms for years, but sooner or later, they’ll fall over dead — and every one of them can be found to have consumed this stuff.

        If you look, you can find that in every single case of death by “cancer”, dihydrogen monoxide has been consumed.

        If only more people knew about this killer, worries like windmills would seem passe, but the lobby for this stuff is so powerful, it’s even piped directly into people’s homes… and they’re forced to pay for it!

      • The farming community didn’t have any noise problems whatsoever. Summer nights were quiet, tranquil, enchanting. The sound of crickets was natures music on dark warm nights. The evening sky would reveal the magnificent heavens in all of it’s glory. Then came McGuinty, Smitherman, Crawley and other liberals, who defaced the Niagara Escarpment, rural areas, with their highly suspicious turbine project. The evening skies are now disfigured by red blinking lights. And many residents are suffering from the deleterious effect caused by these monsters.

        • Actually, none of those people put up wind turbines, although they did provide an incentive. In fact, in every single case, the owner of the land made a decision about how to use that land.

          • There are all kinds of property owners. Mike Crawley, a resident of Toronto, is making money hand over fist as a wind farmer-at the dismay, and neglect of his new neighbors. Yes, people make decisions. Once upon a time pregnant women decided to use thalidomide. 30 years ago we used DDT as well as asbestos. If new research into vibro acoustic disease yields the type of data that the complainants have been making, wind turbines will join the other bad decisions which we have made. And the cost to us tax payers may be unbelievable if the Wind Resistance wins their law suit and if McGuinty has to take down his turbines.

  2. Of course he won’t, there are people on waiting lists to get turbines…..pays well. And contrary to what the wackos would have you believe there are no bat and bird bodies piling up.

    • It IS suggestive that we never hear of anyone who actually has one of these things on his property and is being paid for the lease, selling up and moving because of the infrasound.

      • Nope, they are too busy counting money to complain….and they’re quite healthy anyway

      • Actually, there are the landowners are required as part of their contract to sign gag clauses. That’s a well known established fact. In addition, there are plenty of examples of landowners who make so much money, they simply abandon the farm and go buy a place somewhere else to live, that is nowhere in sight of a wind turbine installation.

        • If there are plenty of examples, it should be pretty simple to cite a few then, right?

          • It should be pretty simiple to cite a few examples… when they’re under a legal gag order from the province?

          • They’re under a gag order that prevents them from saying they moved?

            Mail pickup must be a bitch.

            I keep hoping one of these days you’ll learn how to read.

          • Do you even know what a gag order is? Of course they can tell people they’ve moved. They can’t go running to the press publicizing the fact that they’ve moved because they hate the windmills.

            Do you understand that? Or should I use smaller words?

          • Have you actually read one of these “gag orders”. It’s a standard confidentiality clause pertaining to the contents of the lease agreement and any company documents the lessor may have access to. That’s all. Nothing about not telling your friends why you moved, just don’t tell them how much you’re getting paid.
            “The Owner shall keep confidential all information relating to the business of the [wind energy company], the operation of any Wind Turbines, the terms of this Agreement and any Ground Lease, all research data, trade secrets or proprietary know-how, processes, plans, equipment, instructions, manuals, record and processes (unless readily available from public or published sources or required to be disclosed by law) “

          • So going to the press and talking about your business experience with [wind energy company] wouldn’t be covered under “all information relating to the business”?

          • Not in my opinion. And I’ve signed many confidentiality agreements such as this in other industrial situations, and never had an issue discussing my business relationship to the counterparty with a third party.

          • So you’re saying she’s a liar and there aren’t plenty of examples.

            Okay. I can believe that.

  3. Why so much secrecy re the Green Energy Act? Why are those farmers who have turbines on their property, forced to adhere to a “gag” order” Why did McGuinty single handedly negotiate this deal with Samsung, to the utter amazement of his own caucus? How is it that Mike Crawley steps out of the shadows as a successful wind farmer? Why isn’t there a financial compensation package for those living in the shadow of the turbines, who have watched their property values sink to scandalous prices? Why are residents of the province of Ontario on the hook to pay 5 billion in subsidies to hydro producers? Why are residents of Ontario on the hook to pay 900 million to OPG in order to pay for McGuinty’s vote buy? Why are our liberal members of the media so quiet about all of this?

  4. 17 major reviews world-wide of thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies into wind farm effects, noise, infrasound, psychogenic illnesses and noise-annoyance have found the same thing: no health impacts by wind turbines. No further study was needed despite anti-wind lobbyist statements as the reviews assessed independent research that is piling up. The reality: a small percentage of people very close to wind farms find the noise annoying. Which ones find the noise annoying can be predicted: they aren’t receiving money from the wind farm, they can see a wind turbine and they have negative affect aka they can find the dark lining to every silver cloud.

    No moratorium is needed as the study is redundant and irrelevant.


  5. Randy Cross says:
    03/28/2010 at 15:42
    Here’s an informative and scary article that you should read if wondering about the viability of Industrial Wind Farmshttp://www.john-daly.com/windfarm/index.htmIn conclusion:Wind plants are harmful in a number of important ways, beneficial in none, and they cost dearly to taxpayers and consumers, more still to residents in terms of property values. They are uneconomical and useless. But they are highly profitable to their promoters because they are subsidised. So much so that industry leaders have joined forces to lobby at the political, media and ecological levels, silencing the opposition with money – taxpayers’ money reaped from the subventions. I know of a bird society that receives donations from electricity companies amounting to 25% of its annual budget.

    • Ontario taxpaying suckers pay 5 billion per year in subsidies to hydro producers-source Toronto Star.

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