With feeling


Stephen Harper, June 6, 2008It’s one thing that they, the criminals do not get it, but if you don’t mind me saying, another part of the problem for the past generation has been those, also a small part of our society, who are not criminals themselves, but who are always making excuses for them, and when they aren’t making excuses, they are denying that crime is even a problem: the ivory tower experts, the tut-tutting commentators, the out-of-touch politicians. “Your personal experiences and impressions are wrong,” they say. “Crime is not really a problem.” I don’t know how you say that. 

Rob Nicholson, Sept. 20, 2011We’re not governing on the basis of the latest statistics. We’re governing on the basis of what’s right to better protect victims and law-abiding Canadians … Canadians want and deserve to feel safe in their homes and in their communities.

Kevin Sorenson, yesterdayAt the committee the Minister of Public Safety had to explain to the NDP that there is a difference between feeling safe and actually being safe. It is irresponsible to continue pouring tax dollars into the long gun registry because it feels like the right thing to do or the safe thing to do. The NDP proved again that it is unfit to lead.


With feeling

  1. Sorenson used stats? Bad Sorenson! Bad, bad Sorenson!!!

  2. I’m really confused – does the government want me to feel safe or not?

    • No, they want you to be scared.

      Then they can claim to ‘save’ you from all ‘evil-doers’ foreign and domestic.

      • Well, I am scared but probably not for the government approved reasons.  This morning they’re stopping the committee’s clause by clause of the 208 binders of the new crime bill.  Makes you wonder what’a buried in there.

        • Well, the media has had more than enough time to tell us….unless of course a very broad and vague definition of ‘treason’ is included.

  3. If it feels right, do it. 

    These are strange Conservatives. 

    • perhaps the operative word is not feel, but rather “right”as opposed to “left”.

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