‘With the shadow of Gadhafi now lifted’


The Prime Minister’s statement to reporters this afternoon on the death of Moammar Gadhafi.

The Libyan National Transitional Council has confirmed the death of Moammar Gadhafi. Gadhafi’s days are over.  Never again will he be in a position to support terrorism or to turn guns on his own citizens.  The Libyan people can finally turn the page on 42 years of vicious oppression and continue their journey toward a better future.

At this time, I should like to say how proud we all are of the prominent role played by Canada’s armed forces.  In cooperation with our NATO and striker group allies, they upheld the UN mandate to defend innocent Libyans against the regime’s violence.

I should also like to commend Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard of the Royal Canadian Air Force who led the combined NATO military mission in Libya.  General Bouchard has served our country with great distinction. I’ve recently spoken with General Bouchard and our government shall be speaking with our allies to pretend – to prepare for the end of our military mission in the next few days.

With the shadow of Gadhafi now lifted from their land, it is our hope that the Libyan people will find peace and reconciliation after this dark period in the life of their nation and we look forward to working with them.


‘With the shadow of Gadhafi now lifted’

  1. This Gadhafi?

    ‘Thanking him for Libya’s role in the Fowler-Guay crisis was Canada’s No. 2 goal during the scheduled October, 2009 meeting. The primary objective? Smooth over a bilateral row in order to protect Canada’s “huge commercial interests” in Libyan oil and gas, according to the briefing note.’


    Steve’s not big on gratitude.

    • And the same Gadhafi that SNC Lavalin was building a new prison for? 

  2. This whole attack on Libya was a stupid imperialist misadventure and one of which I am ashamed to see my country involved in. 
    23 THOUSAND missiles are now missing from Qaddafi’s armories – That’s Right – 23,000 … the majority of which are shoulder fired surface to air (SAM) missiles now in the hands of unknown Islamic radicals …. Yea sure, the world is a safer place today so give thanks to the warlord idiots in the good old US of A, Great Britain and France. 

    I sure hope Israel has every agent, spy and even casual friend looking for these SAM’s because as sure as God made little green apples, some will be smuggled into a place where they can be used against Israel. Libyian weapons have already been found in the Sinai.

    This will go down in history as one real piece of stupidity which could have and should have been avoided!

    • How could this have been avoided?  #1, there was an uprising going on there before NATO got involved.  #2, the Colonel was slaughtering his own citizens.  Do you think we should have just stood by and let him do that?

      • #1)   Yes, I know.

        #2)   Yes, I know.

        #3)   Yes, I do.

    • NATO’s response – tracking them is not our mandate. 

      • Time to leave NATO?

    • At least the British were forthright when they invaded and exploited a country…it was simple colonialism.  White man’s burden and all that…

      The Americans call it ‘liberation’ even though the only things they intend to liberate are the resources….and ‘spreading democracy’….which is definitely not what they’re spreading.

      The ‘new Libyan PM’ is a Muslim and fancies Sharia law…the new CDS is a guy the CIA sent to Libya as a Taliban… to be ‘rendered’….so how grateful are they likely to be?

      All the deaths that will come of this…

      And there we are, trotting our businessmen over there last week, to get ‘deals’ …..with blood all over our hands once again…..

      We might pay dearly for our ‘help’ to the fading US Empire.

      • Are you ready for a new wave of refugees?

        • Kenney will likely slam the door!

  3. The real issue, universally ignored at present, is that this man was summarily executed, and now there’s a cover-up of that fact. Consider:

    1. Saddam was taken in charge and tried.

    2. OBL was killed under (plausibly asserted) resistance.

    3. Gaddafi took one bullet precisely in the head (after reports–now buried–of him asking clemency) in a flimsily fabricated story of ‘cross-fire’ between loyalist and NTC forces while flanked by unharmed captors.

    A down-hill progression in moral justice for the 21st century.

    Now look, what does this tell future tyrants? Don’t surrender. Don’t lay down arms, because the sooner you do, the sooner you die.So what will the next tyrant learn from this: Hole up in a suicide-building stuffed with 10 tons of the nastiest military high-explosive your substantial money can buy (none of this ammonium nitrate garbage), and take out an entire city block, maybe a few NATO reconnaissance choppers, your would-be executioners, and a lot more lives, and still leave whoever remains scratching their bleeding scalps in the hospital wondering for the rest of their lives whether they caught you

    or not.

  4. Wow, what an unbelievably nice group we have commenting over at the Macleans blogs.  Except for, apparently, me, who IS going to bring up the “speak with our allies to pretend like we’re going to end the military mission”  Which is, actually, not surprising and not all that bad of an idea, either.  Except the pretending part–especially when you tell everyone.

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